Bridal Destressing – Best Ways to Relax Before the Big Day

Your bridesmaid has called it quits, your florist ordered the wrong shade of pink peonies, the catering staff at your reception venue is threatening to go on strike, the lead singer of the band you hired contracts laryngitis a week before your wedding, and your closest friend(s) RSVP’d “will not be able to attend” on the wedding reply card…

Can anything else go wrong?  Yes, it’s possible.  But one thing you have in your control is your own stress.  It’s perfectly natural to get upset when things don’t go as planned (every wedding will have something that happens).   So, after talking to some recent brides, I’ve come up with a list of ideas to de-stress before your big day. 

–  Set aside one night a week prior to the big day where you and your fiancé don’t even mention the word “wedding”.  Make it a date night, do dinner and a movie, and don’t discuss any wedding planning at all.  This will help you remember the reason why you are getting married to begin with.

–  Spa Day.  Ahh yes, the spa.  Whether you go with a small group of friends and make a girls’ day out of it and go to a fancy place or go solo to a cheap little local nail salon, treat yourself to a mani / pedi.  Turn on the massage function on your chair, grab the cheesiest tabloid magazine they have sitting there, and enjoy the foot rub.  Remember, turn off your cell phone so you have no interruptions.

–  Excercise.  What better way to let of some steam than to work out?  Grab your iPod and a bottle of water and head for the gym.  Better yet – let some of that anger out with some kickboxing classes. 

–  In the slight chance you have some extra cash laying around (if you haven’t spent your entire life savings on your wedding), plan a little weekend getaway for you and your fiancé.  New England brides have the luxury of so many places to go that are within driving distance.  The Cape- the Vineyard – Nantucket – Portland, Maine – Newport, Rhode Island –
NYC…you get the picture.  And remember, no wedding talk or venting!  This is a getaway!

–  Delegate tasks.  Members of your wedding party don’t necessarily want to help plan your wedding.  But if you ask a couple key people to pick up small tasks, it could help you a lot.  For instance, asking your MOH to pick up a gift you bought for your fiancé because she lives closer to the store than you do may help.  The morning of my wedding, I asked my bridal party to distribute the boutonnieres and corsages to people who needed them and that helped me tremendously and I could relax and get ready the day of my wedding without having to worry about that. 

–  Sleep and Eat Well.  Sounds like something your mom would say, but it’s true.  Skipping out on meals in an effort to lose weight and not sleeping enough will just make you pass out on the altar.  Unless you want your wedding video submitted to American’s Funniest Home Videos

–  Girls Night Out!  Unless the cause of your stress is your friends, plan a night out with the girls.  This is not your bachelorette party.  Remember, no wedding talk!  Just friends going out for the 3 d’s – dinner, drinks, and dancing.

–  Let it out.  I’m talking about what’s on your mind.  Talk to your fiancé, parent, close friend, whoever you feel comfortable talking to and let them know what you’ve been going through.  Sometimes just getting it off your chest and having someone listen can make you feel better and they can help put things in perspective. 

–  Plan, plan, plan.  Whether it’s an old-fashioned 3 ring binder planner, an online planning tool, or an actual wedding planner you hire, keep all of your wedding planning organized, especially timelines of things that need to get done at certain times.  Professionals have developed checklists for a reason!  Use it as a guide as all things may not apply to you, but  keep a planner of some sort to keep you organized and help keep you stress free.


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