20 Single-Girl Things To Do Before You Tie the Knot


You may have seen versions of this list around before.  You know the ones I am talking about – lists of things a girl should be able to say she has done before she says “I do”. 

I decided to ask the pros – my girlfriends – to see what they thought.  Some are married – some not.   So I think they bring an interesting perspective.  Married or not, they all agreed that a girl should feel confident on her own before she can fully commit and give to someone else. 

1-  Go to the movies, eat at a restaurant, and go to a bar solo.

2-  Spend a day watching someone else’s kids – whether you think you want them or not.

3-  Go somewhere where you don’t know anyone and discover it on your own.

4-  Take a vacation or road trip with your girlfriends.

5-  Buy yourself something luxurious (that you can actually afford) and don’t feel guilty about it.
6-  Love yourself before you love someone else.

7-  Set up a standing “girls night” and making sure you can stick with it.
8-  Buy a fabulous piece of furniture that you can take with you after you say “I do”.

9-  Push yourself to do something you didn’t think you could do- like skydiving or running a marathon.

10-  Give back to your community.

11-  Live abroad for a year.

12-  Take a random fun class like cake decorating, sewing, or why the heck not – pole dancing!

13-  Buy your own awesome ring or piece of great jewelry.

14-  Generally live your singledom with no regrets – and if you have any – blank them out with massive amounts of wine or vodka a la Bridget Jones

15-  On the first of each month take an inventory of what dear friend you have not seen or have been meaning to see & call them to get together.

16-  Find yourself through retreats or hobbies & be happy being alone before you can be happy with someone else.

17 – Take some time to learn yourself and what you want in life to be happy and content. No relationship is going to work until you figure that out. You don’t have to try to make some deadline to get married, have babies, buy a house, etc., before a certain age.

18 – Learn to not be a doormat. No one should be giving you the runaround, even men.

19 – Date at least 2 men who are absolute opposites. Think on one side accountant – the other side, bartender

Any finally, from one of my craziest friends…

20 – Go skinny dipping, go topless at a beach, and have a fling with a musician from one of your favorite bands!


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