Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Felix Rust Photographer

One of the most important vendors you hire for your wedding is your photographer.   Sure, you can do a quick Internet search to find photographers in your area, narrow it down to who is available on your date, choose the one that best fits your budget, and then boom, there’s your photographer.   

But your goal shouldn’t be to just book a photographer.   The photos from your wedding basically serve as your wedding memories, so they have to be perfect!  Having the perfect photos can take you back instantly to your wedding day.  A photographer’s experience, offering, and most important, style can make or break your memories. 

I also think word of mouth is the best way to learn about vendors – a fellow bride’s experience with a particular vendor can absolutely sway your decision when it comes time to hire someone.  Think about it – they already did all the research work, they have seen the results, and they are pleased with them. 

So, I had to share my experience with, who I believe, is the most talented photographer in the Boston area – Felix Rust. 

We met Felix during our wedding planning process and we instantly knew we wanted to work with him.  Just like when you chose your mate, you have to “click” with your photographer so he/she understands who you are as a couple and you can accurately discuss what you want out of your photographs and the photographer’s involvement prior to, the day of, and after your wedding.

You can (and should!) check out his work for yourself (  I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

I recently spoke with Felix to give you a better understanding of who he is as a person and as a photographer…

Me:  Tell me a little bit about your background.  How did you get involved with photography and what made you interested in shooting weddings? 

Felix:  I became interested in photography when my father gave me my grandfather’s Contax camera.  I took a class in high school and then my interest waned as I focused on music and sculpture.  When my son, Dashiell, was born I decided to take a photograph of him every day to send to my mother in France and my brother in Singapore, etc.- so my family could watch him grow up.  Knowing that I had the same audience and the same subject forced me to start being really creative and turned me into a photographer.  Dash’s kindergarten teacher was getting married and wanted me to shoot her wedding.  I told her I didn’t shoot weddings and she said, “Yes you do.”  So I did.  And I loved it.

Me:  What’s your primary style? Posed and formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional?
Felix:  My primary style is photojournalistic.  I prefer to take images of people’s reaction to each other and the wedding rather than their reaction to me and my camera.  I do very little interacting at all on the wedding day, except for formal portraits- which we try to make as creative and strange as time and temperament will allow.  Maybe I would call it artistic photojournalism.

Me:  What level of input can the couple have in what is photographed the day of their wedding?   

Felix:  We are with our clients from the moment the makeup touches the face to the moment the lights come on at the end of the reception.  We will do whatever they like but our couples trust us to document their day in our unique way.

Me:  Do you feel it’s important for a photographer to “click” with the couple?  If so, why?
Felix:  I absolutely LOVE my job and it is incredibly important that I keep loving it.  The only way for me to do that is to work with people I love and to look forward to each meeting.  To that end, if I get a feeling at our initial meeting that I couldn’t hang out with a couple comfortably then I tell them we’re booked.  It is hard to say no, especially when you are hungry.  But I would rather love my job and work with people that get me than shoot all the time and not look forward to it.

Me:  You hear so many horror stories from couples who don’t see their wedding images / proofs for over 6 months after the wedding.  On average, how long does it take for your clients to view their images?

Felix:  We do everything ourselves and by hand.  In the beginning of the season our couples only wait a few weeks.  At the end of the season it might be a few months.  

Me:  How many assistants help out the day of the wedding and how many hours does your package offering cover”
Felix:  I now shoot with only one assistant, my wife, Sara.  We are both there for the entire day- no hourly limits.

Me:  Can you give me a few examples of the the craziest request you have gotten from a couple (that turned out successful in the end).
Felix:  This is a tough one.  We don’t get lots of crazy requests because most of our couples trust us to do our thing… most of the crazy requests come from us!  (Hey, why don’t you climb that fire escape in your wedding dress?  There’s been some trespassing involved…)

Me:  What are some of your favorite wedding locations to shoot and why?

Felix:  We love a challenge and love to be surprised.  My favorite wedding location is always one I’ve never shot before.  I love small, intimate weddings and emotion trumps all for me.  The ugliest, drop-ceilinged, community center can make the most beautiful photographs if one connects with the couple.

Me:  What are the top 5 questions (in your opinion) a couple should ask when interviewing a potential wedding photographer?
Felix:  You really have three questions:

Do I LOVE the work? – love, like makes you gasp.
Could I hang out with this photographer?
Can I afford it?  -Or what all do I have to sacrifice to afford it 🙂

Me:   What are some red flags that a couple should be aware of when looking for a wedding photographer?  (signs that a photographer may have a bad business style, etc.)
Felix:  I would never hire a photographer that I would meet for the first time on my wedding day- not in a million years! 
Just look for consistency in quality of work and this is hard to describe: it needs to be about you, the bride, and not about them, the photographers… know what I mean?  And listen to your gut.  If it feels wrong for some reason it usually is.

Me:  How would you describe your working style?
Felix:  Super friendly, confident, unobtrusive- and a calming influence.

Me:  What do you think distinguishes your work from other local wedding photographers?  Why should a couple choose you?     

Felix:  We have a unique, quirky style that doesn’t appeal to everyone but the ones that get us really get us. We do all the work ourselves including designing our own custom albums.  We have recently developed a cool, vintage look to our images and albums that we love and that definitely differentiates us.  I want people to look at our images and albums and immediately know that’s Felix and Sara’s work.  We just want and need to continue loving our jobs.


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