Groomsmen Gifts They Will Love!

If your fiance is having a hard time trying to figure out what to get for his groomsmen, or if you are looking for something special to present to your groom on your wedding day, look no further than Groomstars, a one-stop shop for the men in your wedding.   As a luxury-gift company, Groomstars is the perfect place to find unique and high quality gifts (I am sure groomsmen around the country are a little tired of the typical engraved beer mug they normally receive as a “thanks for being in my wedding” giift). 
I recently has the pleasure of speaking to Chase Taylor, of Groomstars about the company and some of the hottest products this season.  Check out our conversation below.
Do you feel a lot of grooms have trouble picking out the perfect groomsmen gifts? 
Yes we believe a lot of grooms have trouble finding the right gifts for the most important guys in their lives. For starters, there had not been a place to shop that would both help with ideas as well as provide a high quality selection of gifts that were worth of their friendships. Some grooms are unsure if they want to get the same gift for all their groomsmen or select something special for each that represents their unique relationship. Providing this high quality and complete experience for grooms is the foundation that Groomstars was built upon. 

How ad when was Groomstars started?  Did it start as a traditional store front or was it always an online store?

Groomstars was started about a year ago. After 3 brothers had gone through the wedding process and all experienced the same frustration of a lack of options for groomsmen gifts they decided it was time to build the ultimate destination for online personalized male wedding gifts. Groomstars is strictly an online store but does work selectively with some key brick and mortar stores across the country.

How do most of your customers find you? 

Groomstars works with a lost of the best wedding sites and blogs. Since the bride spends more time researching and planning the wedding, they are often the one to discover us and pass along to their fiancé. We spend a lot of time and effort engaging brides to help keep their fiancés engaged in the process and focus on those things that grooms care about most.
      What are the top 5 categories of gifts that are most popular right now?

1.              Cufflinks– always seems to be the most popular category. The reason is that it makes a great gift that can be worn on the wedding day and for the rest of their lives.

2.              Tech Store– The tech accessories are very hot right now. Our selection of personalized ipad cases definitely being the most popular along with the personalized ipod speakers

3.              Leather Books– Our selection of personalized leather bound books is a great and thoughtful gift. The books range from Golf (Rules of Golf,) Wine (Wine Reference and Wine Notes) with our most popular being the American Bar Book

4.              Watch and Cufflink Boxes– our exclusive line of watch boxes and cufflink boxes has been extremely popular along with the matching valets. Every guy can use a nice valet or home for their expensive watches. All of these can be personalized making them great gifts.

5.              Sports Collection– our line of stadium seat cufflinks and pens and cufflinks made out of authentic game used baseballs are perfect for the avid sports fan.


      What are your most popular items under $50 each?

                      Adler Collection personalized iPad case – $32

    LAI Black Lizard Money Clip- $45- a really handsome and popular gift

                       Groomstars Barley Designed Personalized Groomsmen Flask- $36

 Traditional Green Leather Rules of Golf Book $39

                   Finally, what is your advice to grooms (or brides) when they are shopping for groomsmen gifts?

Do not wait for last minute!!! Doing so can severely limit the options available by not leaving time to personalize. Also, put a lot of thought and effort into gifts. For guys, this is a special once in a lifetime moment to thank those guys that are there to back you up on the big day. Make sure you get gifts that last beyond the wedding day and are as special as the day itself.


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