NEW Summer Bachelorette Parties at Improv Asylum!


If you are planning a bachelorette party for a friend or if you are the bride to be and want to drop a few hints to the people planning your b-party, you have to check out All the Single Ladies, Improv Asylum’s new summer party geared especially toward, well, ladies!

You may have been to Improv Asylum on Hanover Street in the North End and even seen (or been part of) bachelorette parties skits in the past.  They’ve jazzed things up for the summer and have a new show and a new location (Revolution Rock Bar on High Street in downtown Boston).  

I recently spoke with Mary L

Me:  I recently heard about “All the Single Ladies” – how is this different from girls just getting together and going to see a regular Improv show?  I have attended before as part of a bachelorette party (at the regular Improv show).  I see this is at a new location?

Mary:   All the Single Ladies is a high energy interactive dance party which is centered around a group of four “ladies” who are out celebrating a bachelorette party. The show takes place at Revolution Rock Bar on High street and allows us to do some really fun things with the crowd we don’t get to do at our regular home shows.  All the Single Ladies is a different show than what you would see at our theater on Hanover Street in the North End.  Shows that take place at our theater are our signature show which is a blend of produced improv & sketch comedy where as All the Single Ladies is one story line with some improvisational games that the cast plays with the audience. 

Me:   Do bridesto be get any special attention during this show?  Can you tease us with a couple ideas on what might happen?

Mary:   Yes! We do invite anyone who is celebrating something up on stage. Some of the ladies who get pulled up on stage will be asked to help come up with an improvised dance, while others may find what it is like to kiss a “girl” and if find out if they like it! 

Me:  Do you still have the traditional shows on Saturday nights at Improv Asylum where you can call ahead and tell them you have a bride to be in your group?  

Mary:  Yes! We have shows at our theater on Hanover Street six days a week! Each Improv Asylum home show features what we call a volunteer spot. There is one spot per show. The spot is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no fee for the spot and can only be secured once you purchase tickets.  The actors will know that your volunteer is getting married and will ask questions about her wedding, how she meet her fiancé, what they both do for work, etc. The actors use that information & any hilarious anecdotes the bride has told and do several scenes based off that information which we call “day in the life.”  

Me:  What do your “bachelorette party packages” consist of?

Mary:  For just our shows that take place at our theater on Hanover Street, we offer two packages that we call “Girls Night Out” that are hugely popular with bachelorette and birthday parties. The package includes your ticket to the show, a champagne toast, a TV monitor shout-out to your bride or group, and a gift bags. You can also upgrade package to get VIP access to our bar line! For All the Single Ladies, we offer a $35 VIP reserved seating ticket. Purchasing that ticket guarantees you seating with premiere view of the performance. 

Me:  What can you tell us about the show’s actors?

Mary:   The actors in All the Single Ladies are all professionally trained actors & improvisers. For all of them this is their first time dressing & performing as ladies. Although, now almost halfway through the revue, they can put on their make-up on faster than any girl I know!    

Me:  Can you buy tickets online?  Is there a minimum or maximum number of tickets a group would need?

Mary:  Yes, you can purchase tickets online at , over the phone at 617-263-NUTS (6887), or via our box office located on 216 Hanover Street. There is no max to buy. Our online system allows you to purchase up to 30 tickets at a time.

Me:   Any other information you would like to provide?
We are pleased to announce that All the Single Ladies has been expended until the end of the summer! Also, keep in mind this is an interactive dance party! Wear comfortable heels and be prepared to dance because the show will make you get out of your seat!  And, check out the trailer at here !


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