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You’ve got your gown, shoes, and headpiece all ordered.  You have your wedding party all selected.  Your vendors have been booked for months and you finally decided on a honeymoon location.  You think you are all set.   Until you realize you have no idea who is going to do your hair and make up on your wedding day.    
Before the panic sets in, take a deep breath and learn about Wedding Tresses, the Boston/Newport/Plympton (near Plymouth) fabulous team of hair and make up artists solely focused on making you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.  In fact, they bring the services to you.  That’s right.  There’s no traveling you (or wedding party) needs to do on your big day.  Sit back and relax, and be pampered.  

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jacki Norrie, founder / owner of Wedding Tresses, about the company, their services, and some of the beauty trends for the upcoming wedding seasons. 
Me:   As a former Boston bride myself, I know how hard it is to find a hair stylist who is willing to come to your location to help you prepare for your big day.  What made you decide to start this business?  
Jacki:  As a hairdresser in a busy boutique salon I saw first hand how salons, and hairdressers, do not want to open for business on Sundays or early morning hours to accommodate brides, and I witnessed salon owners booking wedding parties with stylists who didn’t have the training or skill to effectively execute beautiful formal hair styles.  More often than not, wedding parties left the salon late. By creating a company that only services brides, I envisioned how we could cater to the bride and her girls in a professional and skilled manner with a focus on executing flawless styles that would stand up from the first step upon the aisle to the last kiss that night.  That skill takes repetition and focused study – since it is all we do it is all we train for.

Me:  Tell me a little bit about your background and Wedding Tresses.  

Jacki:  I attended Blaine Beauty School in Hyannis MA in 1990 and began working for Fantastic Sam’s – learning on the job so to say….needless to say I made a bunch of “oops” haircuts!  I moved on to a wonderful boutique salon, Unforgettable Hair, in Sandwich, MA in 1995 where I worked as a stylist specializing in cutting, highlight foiling and wedding hair and makeup.   I left there in 2004 to work full time as a wedding stylist.
Wedding Tresses was created in 2003 and at first only offered hair design services.  By the end of 2004, I had a wonderfully talented makeup artist who came on board and we began offering makeup and hair.  In 2005, I opened the first of our studios and have grown since that time to include studios in Boston and Newport.

Me:   How many hair stylists and make up artists are part of your team?  

Jacki:  We have 8 hair designers and 6 makeup artists between the 3 studios.  3 of our artists are dually trained in both hair and makeup – this helps with small, or Bride Only bookings.

Me:   Where do you normally have trial runs?

Jacki:  In one of our 3 studios.

Me:  What is your advice to brides not sure what hairstyle will look best on them and the shape of their face?

Jacki:   Bring photos!  Lots of pictures showing things you love and things you find distasteful.  An image doesn’t need to be the exact style you want, but rather it can show a bang, or a sweep of the hair, or the size of a bun, curl, tendril… any small piece of a look you like. Your designer should take all of these small components and put them together to create “your” look.  When looking at pics, try to keep your face shape in mind and see if you can spot those models with similar facial structure as you – that will give you a great head start of weeding out what works and what doesn’t.

Me:  Are there any styles you feel are very popular this year?  

Jacki:  Yes!  Lush full hair styles are a must for this year.  Advances in clip in extensions have made it a breeze for brides to amp up the volume without having to “marry” dreaded hair extensions.  
Me:  Any trends you are seeing in hair and make-up?  
Jacki:  We are seeing a lot of hair requests for an “as I am every day, only fancier” Look…  Kate Middleton exemplified this trend with her own hair style at her wedding to Prince William – she looked as she did everyday, just more polished.  As for makeup?  Well it is still all about the lashes.  Drama on the eyes without looking ‘made up’ is our most requested makeup Look for Wedding Season 2011.  Lip stains are also a huge trend we are seeing and one we embrace due to its long-lasting kissable color that just keeps on and on and on.

Me:  How do you determine the best number of stylists and make up artists to have for an entire bridal party?  

Jacki:  We require that the bride hire more than one designer from each discipline once her numbers hit 13 – but before that magic number 1 hair designer and 1 makeup artist is ample for most brides.  A bride always has the option of hiring more than one designer should she want to shorten her timeline for getting ready.  Because we are a wedding only company we are very fast at creating long-lasting updos and blowouts for formal occasions – It is kind of like typing, the more you do it the faster and more precise you get.

Me:    How many weddings has Wedding Tresses helped “design” since the company started?  

Jacki:  Since 2003 we have been part of just over 1000 weddings!!!  Crazy, I know – but true.

Me:  How can a bride guarantee she will have you to “do her hair” on her wedding day?  

Jacki:  If she would like to work with me it is best to inquire early in the planning process since I book quickly – I do print, magazine, and television projects as well and they can have me on the road.  That doesn’t mean if a bride is close to her wedding date that she cannot ask our office it per chance I am available…. you never know!!

Me:  Anything else you would like to share with Boston area brides? 

Jacki:  Work with reputable companies for hair and makeup.  I cannot tell you how many times each year we receive last minute phone calls from concierges, wedding planners and brides in a panic because her hair and/or makeup artist bailed at the last minute or is among the “missing” – these calls happen on the Big Day of at times!!  The horror!  We make sure the concierges in Boston have my cell phone number so that when this occurs they can reach me and we can get mobilized -even if that means calling on our vendor friends if we are completely booked.  The BEST resource for getting a reputable company is your photographer.  Second to that would be your wedding planner or venue coordinator.  They will know who shows up, who performs well, and who to stay away from.
Another item that I believe is rarely recognized is that your pictures are only as good as your hair and makeup.  In other words, the best photographer in the world can only produce images based on what is presented.  Your hair and makeup are an investment in your photography – don’t skimp, you’ll regret it. One of the best compliments we receive is from photographers, they tell us how much they like to work with WT because there is little if any photoshop to be done on the pictures – and that cuts down their work, but it also gets the images to the bride that much faster after the wedding.
For more information about Wedding Tresses and to book a trial run, call Jacki at 617-528-0060 or visit

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