Wedding Favor Friday!

Who doesn’t love edible favors?  Especially chocolate!

I think of all the cheesy knick-knacks my parents have collected over the years from all the weddings they have attended (say 2 weddings a year for the past 30 years at least) and my mom’s obligatory  feeling to keep them all.  A collection of tiny ceramic salt and pepper shakers, spoon rests, bells, figurines of a wedding couple, or a tiny espresso cup and saucer…still all wrapped with tulle and some even with candy almonds in tact (do those ever go bad?)

That’s why I love edible favors.  When you receive an edible favor at a wedding, your first reaction is “Oh, I can eat this!  I won’t just have to throw it away.”  And when you receive a favor in chocolate, well, even better.

I started to think about fall weddings (yes, they are just around the corner) and some really fun favors you can incorporate to make your wedding even more unique.  I love these Gertrude Hawk caramel apples dipped in chocolate ($5.49 each at  They are prettier than your run of the mill dipped apples you’ll find at carnivals and festivals and perfect to display on a favor table or at individual place settings.  They come individually packaged with a ribbon (or add your own ribbon with a favor tag).  Your guests are going to love them!

For information on these favors, topping options, other boxed chocolate wedding favors, store locations, and ordering info, visit or call 1-866-932-4295.


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