Wedding Vendor Spotlight! Jeri Solomon Floral Design!

If you ask anyone in the Greater Boston area who to turn to when you’re looking for a wedding florist, chances are they will strongly recommend Jeri Solomon Floral Design (  What sets her apart from the sea of florists in the area are 3 main concepts – quality of service, attention to detail, and of course, gorgeous floral arrangements.  Whether you know the exact color scheme and flowers you want to incorporate into your wedding or if you need some help narrowing down your options, Jeri brings more to the table than flowers. She brings a creative vision, which is truly essential in capturing the look and feel of your wedding. 

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jeri Solomon about her fabulous floral company and what she has to offer to Boston-area brides…
Me:   Can you tell me a little bit about your company and your background?

Jeri:  Jeri Solomon Floral Design is a boutique floral studio. A small company that specializes in gorgeous floral design, personalized service and attention to detail. When it comes to weddings especially, I believe that every bride deserves to be treated to the best of both quality of product and responsive service. Every wedding, I am the bride’s contact person. She meets with me. I order and purchase the flowers and do most of the designing. If she feels she has a good report with me, she can be relaxed and stress free about at least one part of her wedding (the flowers!)

My first “after school” job in high school was in a flowers shop. After college I got a job again in a flowers shop to make some money while I figured out what to do with the rest of my life. After several years there, I realized FLOWERS and assisting clients with their very special life events was what I wanted to do. Thus, Jeri Solomon Floral Design started. . . I have 3 goals with every client: provide them with gorgeous flowers, impeccable design and uncompromising service so that they get rave reviews from their guests.

Me:    What trends are you seeing in wedding floral design this season? 

Jeri:  A general trend is I’m seeing more smaller weddings. Under 100 people. I’ve done more weddings for under 50 this year and last than ever before in 17 years of business. Another trend, adding non-floral elements to arrangements– especially bouquets– like crystals or feathers.
In ceremonies-arrangements that can be moved and repurposed at the reception.
And in reception decor- not all the same arrangement on each table. Perhaps 2-4 designs that vary throughout the tables.  For all flowers. BRIGHT colors! I love that people aren’t afraid of color in flowers and other decor elements like linen and lighting.

Me:  What advice would you have for brides looking to hire a floral designer in the Greater Boston area?  How does a bride narrow down her options and select the best designer for her wedding?

Jeri:  I think there are 3 important factors in choosing a floral designer.
1) Do you like their work? You want to be able see work they’ve done. The designer should have photos on a website, Facebook, portfolio etc. The photos may not be in the exact color scheme of your wedding, but you can get a sense of whether you like the designer’s style and does it complement your personal style.
2) Do you like them and feel like they “understand you” and will work with you to make your wedding vision come to life–without adding stress to the process? Do you click with the designer? You are going to be working with them for several months. You are communicating your vision to a person who is going to use a subjective art form to produce your vision. This is not always a straightforward process. You have to feel comfortable with that designer and trust them. 
3) Do they provide all the services you want/need. Some brides just need flowers delivered to the venue at the proper time. Some need the designer to build structures (archways, chuppahs etc.) on site and then stay on site through the wedding to move or dismantle a structure. Do you want to see a sample centerpiece? Do you want someone to pin on boutonnieres? Do you want to have a designer on site when the flowers are delivered or is it OK for the delivery guy to drop them off.  Floral companies offer different levels of service. Think about your needs and make sure the company you hire can accommodate them.

Me:  What regions do you cover in the Greater Boston area?

Jeri:   Most of my weddings are in the Boston area. But I always say “have van, will travel” and I’ve done weddings on the Cape, in New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island.

Me:  How soon in advance should a bride meet with you and “book” you for her wedding?

Jeri:  People meet with me anywhere from 15 months to 2 months before their wedding. Most important is to have the ceremony and reception venue chosen. It also helps to have an idea of some of the colors they will use in their wedding. Once a bride has those pieces in place, then she’s ready to have a productive meeting with a floral designer. To be more specific on timing, I feel puts unnecessary pressure on a bride. I’ve put together simple weddings in 10 days. My preference is to start the planning process 6-12 months prior to her wedding.  

For more information on Jeri Solomon Floral Design, samples of her floral portfolio, client testimonials, and to check if she has your wedding date available, visit or call
(781) 391-8700.

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