Wedding Event Spaces at Morton’s Seaport

(Photos courtesy of Mortons)
I love looking at wedding reception venues.  And I love finding out about new event spaces, especially in the downtown Boston area.  When new, modern restaurants and hotels open, it’s all the buzz in the wedding industry and we all get excited thinking about what we would do with the space and how lucky brides- to- be are with the choices they (now) have.  I love myself a good, old-fashioned traditional wedding, but what I love even more is when traditional and contemporary elements unite- and one of the best ways to achieve that is with your choice of event space.
So, that brings me to Morton’s The Steakhouse.  You’ve known them and loved them in the Back Bay for years.  But if you are looking for a fabulous spot for your wedding reception in downtown Boston, you have to check out Morton’s Seaport location.  Here’s why:
First, location.  Let’s face it.  Boston’s Seaport District is hot.  It’s fun.  It’s trendy.  And now, it’s a great place to have a wedding.  For your guests, the Seaport area is now easy to find (no more Big Dig detours overtaking the area) and, unlike other downtown Boston neighborhoods, there are tons of parking options.  The Seaport area also provides for a great backdrop for wedding photos (your photographer is going to love sneaking you and your new spouse away to the waterfront for some unbelievable shots).  And, as someone who hears wedding pet peeves for a living, I can tell you your guests are going to be thrilled to have bars and restaurants to hang out in before and after your wedding.   
Second, Morton’s is sleek and modern, but it isn’t overdone.  What this means for you as a bride is that you have a clean slate to work with as far as reception decor.  With their neutral color schemes, any of Morton’s private dining options can be transformed into something spectacular, and you can make it your own.
Third, there are several room options.  Whether your wedding has 20 or 200 guests, Morton’s can accommodate you. 
Next is what I like to call “all inclusive”.  To say the staff at Morton’s are wedding professionals is an understatement.  They can help you plan virtually your entire wedding.  Whether you are strapped for time and can’t hire the vendors on your own or you would just rather leave it to the experts, Morton’s staff can coordinate your music, photographer, florist, cake, you name it. 
Fourth, Morton’s offers a choice of reception menus (think hors d’oeuvres, carving stations, and a dessert buffet), dinner menus (hors d’oeuvres, salad, entrees, and dessert) and bar menus, but the staff is willing to create a custom menu (just for you!) to make it the perfect reception for you that will work with your budget.
Finally, in addition to the private rooms, Morton’s has the gorgeous Wintergarden Atrium.  It’s a beautiful, glass-enclosed space that can accommodate 200 guests for wedding ceremonies and receptions.  The space is pretty versatile with 2 levels and a dramatic central staircase (perfect for photo ops!).
For more information on Morton’s wedding events, visit or contact (617) 261-1821.

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