Wedding Favor Friday!

(Photo courtesy of Favor Warehouse)

You know me – I am always looking for fun and unique wedding favors and when I find them, I have to share them with you.  I’m one of those people who thinks favors at weddings are an absolute must – they’re such a small, but significant way to show your guests that you appreciate them attending and being there for you on your big day.

Favors, to me, should fall into one of two categories – useful or edible.   And if you can find something in one of those categories AND have it be unique, well, you’re just in luck!  When I saw these adorable ice cream scoop favors from Favor Warehouse, I immediately wanted to buy one just for myself because they were so darn cute.  (And as it’s 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day, the little heart on top got to me too). 

The ice cream scoops are stainless steel (already your guests will love it) and the already come pre-packaged and topped with a white organza bow.  All you have to do is order them and they are all set to be distributed.  Think about it.  Spend a few minutes placing the order online and all necessary favor prep is DONE. 

Price ranges from $1.39 to $2.09 depending on the quantity ordered.

For more information on this and other favors from Favor Warehouse, click here.


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