Wedding Vendor Spotlight- Bagpiper Adam!

If you are considering having a bagpiper play at your wedding, there’s really only one person to contact in the Greater Boston area.  If you haven’t heard of him yet, I am happy to be the one to introduce you to Adam Holdaway, A.K.A. “Bagpiper Adam”.

Now, I’m not just talking about Adam here because I think his services sound great.  I’m writing as a past client – yes, that’s right.  My husband and I had Adam play at our wedding ceremony.  And, the first time I heard about him was on the wedding forums.  I was reading a bride’s post-wedding vendor review and she talked about Adam and how professional, and of course, talented he was.  There were a few other posts talking about Adam as well, and every single post was not only positive, but pretty much stated he was best piper in the area.  I didn’t even bother looking anywhere else. I contact Adam, he was available on my wedding day, and the rest is history.

With so many wonderful reviews, I knew we were in good hands and to be honest, after we agreed to work together, I didn’t give it a second thought.  Adam knew the details of the wedding ceremony, and I trusted him.  He selected appropriate music for a wedding – we didn’t have to do anything (isn’t that music to your ears when you’re planning a wedding? )  When I arrived at the church, Adam was already playing, and the guests absolutely loved it.  My husband’s background is Irish and Scottish, so it was a no brainer to have a bagpiper at our wedding.  And when I started walking into the church hearing Adam’s music, it hit me – I was a bride.  There’s something about bagpipes that simply brings out emotions.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Adam recently about his background and the services he offers to local couples.  Since I learned about Adam through online discussions, I wanted to do my part and spread the news a little more.  Brides have to stick together and share fabulous vendors when we find them, right?  Here’s a little from my conversation with Adam:

Me:  What made you decide to become a bagpiper for weddings and other events?

Adam:  I began playing the pipes when I was 11 years old. I’m the first in my family to play so it made it that much more difficult to find and instructor and learn properly. I began performing at weddings and other events when I got to college. I needed a job because I was putting myself through school and piping seemed like a logical way (at the time) to make the money I needed for day to day expenses. Little did I know it would become my full-time career.

Me:  How long have you been performing at weddings and how many have you done to date?
Adam:  I’ve been performing at weddings since 1999. I’ve performed at approximately 500-600 weddings. That’s a lot of weddings!
Me:  How do most of your clients here about you?
Adam:  Most of my clients find me on the internet via my website:  I am also listed under “Boston’s Best Musicians” on I also advertise my services on several wedding planning websites such as The Knot and PartyPop.
Me:  Is there a minimum amount of time a client needs to hire you for?
Adam:  There is no minimum time so to speak. I account for 2 hours and base my time off of the time needed to perform at a Catholic Mass (which is longest of the traditional ceremony options.) This allows for a 20-30 minute performance as guests arrive, time for the mass (about an hour) and 20-30 minutes after the ceremony as guests depart. Some ceremonies are shorter, but the same amount of preparation is needed for a 5 minute ‘I do’ and a 1-hour Mass.
Me:  What is your travel area for weddings?
Adam:  I travel within an hour radius of Boston and Lowell, MA. If your ceremony is out of my range, or I’m unavailable for the date, I always find someone for you.

Me:  Do clients have to choose the music for their wedding or do you handle that on your own?

Adam:  Clients can pick their music (so long as it’s a bagpipe tune!) I have full-length samples on my website that clients can listen to and pick from. These aren’t the only tunes I know, but just a few of the most popular. If they prefer to leave it to me, then that’s OK too.

Me:  What is your advice to couples interested in having a bagpiper perform at their wedding ceremony?
Adam:  The best piece of advice I can give couples who are thinking of having a piper at their wedding is: Do your homework! There are MANY pipers here in the Boston area, but not all those who claim to play actually can! Just because someones price is cheap doesn’t mean they are a bargain! There are several Professional pipers in this area, but the amount of amateur pipers is staggering. What makes a Professional piper? Please log onto my website:

For more information on Bagpiper Adam’s services, visit or email

He’s fabulous – you won’t regret it.


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