Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Laurel Events!


Recently engaged?  Congratulations!  If you haven’t figured it out already, you will soon  – wedding planning is serious stuff.  Whether you have had your wedding “planned” since the age of 5 or are just beginning your planning, one thing’s for sure – you want your wedding to be unique, far from cookie cutter as possible, and stress-free.  Yes, it’s possible!  And one of the easiest ways to make it possible is to leave the majority of your planning to the pros.

As a bride in the Boston area, chances are you have heard of Laurel Events (if you haven’t, I am happy to be the one to introduce you to them!)  Laurel Events handles all types of business and social events – and weddings happen to be their specialty.  Their services range from day-of coordination to full wedding planning.  So, regardless of your needs, Laurel Events can help. And if you consider yourself a modern bride, even better!  The professionals of Laurel Events create contemporary weddings that are, as they say, as individual as their clients.

Now, if you are in the middle of your wedding planning, you have probably become familiar, the online source for everything bridal and local.  (If you haven’t used yet, now’s the time to get on board!)   Here, you can read reviews from past Laurel Events clients, endorsements  and Laurel Events’ photo gallery.  Cool, huh?
I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Lauren Donovan Thibault, Owner of Laurel Events about her background and experiences with weddings in the New England area.  Here’s what she had to say:

Me:  Tell me about your professional background and what made you interested in wedding event planning.

Lauren:  Before starting Laurel Events, I worked as a Media Planner at a major Boston advertising agency, then also in affiliate sales, events and marketing for many years at one of Boston’s biggest sports regional stations. These two jobs taught me the importance of organization, creativity and keeping “my cool under pressure”. I was very lucky to work on many events and vendor/client relationships with professional athletes and some of the biggest companies in New England.

Me:  Why did you decide to start Laurel Events?

Lauren:  Laurel Events was always an “idea” my husband and I thought I’d start at some point – maybe when we had children and I wanted to stay at home and do my own thing. I became very bored with my current situation at my last job and there was nowhere to grow or challenge myself within the business. The right opportunity came about and we decided to take a chance – and here I am today!

Me:  How many events have you conducted to date?

Lauren:  Laurel Events began in September 2010 and to date we have worked (or are working) on two fundraisers, and 12 weddings. In a short time we have very successfully built amazing vendor relationships and have been fortunate enough to attract fabulous brides! I can proudly say our brides are not just clients – but they become friends. We truly treasure being a part of such an important day and time in your lives!

Me:  What types of wedding services do you offer and what are the advantages of each?

Lauren:  I started Laurel Events on the complete basis of a la carte planning options. That being said I do have “packages” laid out that would cover full wedding coordination, partial wedding coordination or day of coordination.
I work by having a Free Consultation with each bride/couple, and from there I create a proposal based entirely on that couples’ needs.
My goal is to provide a service that helps the couple where they need it. I do not pressure my clients into signing into a “general” package based on items they do not need help with. I lay out all options before the client and they commit to what they want at that point in time – if a client decides they want more help later on we are happy to amend their contract and add additional services.
In today’s world where budgets are tight and time is limited – Laurel Events provides a service where our couples get advice and planning services where they need it and within a cost they can afford.

Me:  What are a few things brides seem to be wanting this year – are there any trends that you are seeing emerge?

Lauren:  I think more brides are wanting to make their wedding day just that – THEIR DAY. DIY projects aren’t just about saving money – it’s also about making the wedding intimate and personal to the couple. Brides are also savvy – not cheap. I believe each bride should prioritize on items that really mean the most to them regarding their budget and then find creative ways to supplement other elements in a more affordable fashion. Every bride wants her perfect day besides her budget – so she wants ideas that can help her get that!

Me:  What do you think is your competitive edge in the industry? Why should a bride choose Laurel Events?

Lauren:  We offer services the bride needs. Many vendors offer general packages – we offer only what each couple needs. There are a million resources out there today from websites, magazines and friends! Today’s bride can plan a wedding on her own if she has the time and energy to do so – some brides do not need or want help and others do. Some brides only want help with a few ideas or day of prep and implementation. Other brides want someone to help them the whole planning process. No matter what your needs are – we don’t consider anything too big or too small. Our goal is to help your wedding planning process become stress free and enjoyable! You only do this once so try to soak it all in and have fun! We work to find our clients the best services at the most competitive prices. We also are diligent leading up to and most importantly on your wedding day. Many venues have event managers but we are there to observe and manage every detail of your day – from hair/makeup to transportation to set up and decor. We manage every detail of your whole wedding and see your big picture. Our brides do not stress or worry about anything leading up to or on their most important day. The day flies by – really I know I’ve been there – so with all the planning and money being put into this – give yourself the ease of mind to really fully enjoy it all.

Me:  What do you think are the top 5 reasons why a couple should choose your wedding services?

Lauren:  1. Customer service – We are always responsive and take time to get to know and understand our clients. This is your most intimate day and deserves respect and attention!
2. Pricing – our prices are very competitive and with our custom packages we can give you help where you need it most!
3. Vendor relationships – We have amazing relationships with some of Boston & New England’s best vendors! From transportation to uplighting or floral – we know professionals that have proven performance, great customer service and competitive pricing. Don’t stress over “who and why” – let us guide you to the right vendor based on your personalities, needs and budget.
4. Detail Oriented and Organization – Some joke I have OCD but I think that’s a plus! My strongest skill is organization and setting deadlines. One bride came to me 4 months before her wedding and didn’t have a florist, makeup or hair, photographer, hotel blocks or transportation booked – oh and she was getting married on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND in Boston! We had her lined up and relieved with all her vendor meetings and contracts within 3 weeks. If it’s GO TIME – we are ready!
5. Management Experience – when it comes to a wedding there are a million moving pieces. It is NOT our job to step on the event managers toes of your venue. It is our job to be a middle man – to be the hub of your entire day and all the moving pieces. I have planned 300 person events and know that every vendor and working staff is crucial to the outcome. I build a relationship with your hairstylist to your florist to your band and church! We do not prevent anyone from doing what they are great at – we only help with timing, organization, implementation and damage control (should it exist). There are things that a venue event planner cannot help you with – perfect example one our brides dresses ripped in the hotel room before the ceremony! We were there to hem it back up – no one knew. To if a florist or cake or DJ is running late – we are there to coordinate and fix problems on the spot. Every major event needs a Director that is knowledgeable of ALL the moving pieces – not each individual task.

Me:  Is there anything you want your prospective clients to know about you or something they would be surprised to find out?

Lauren:  I love what I do. I married a man that is allowing me to take a risk and follow my heart and I’m truly blessed for that. I have a blast at each wedding I work! The favorite part of my day is the end of the night when my clients come up to me and really mean “wow thank you – we couldn’t have done this without you”. I’ve worked the corporate world where credit was never given, but to see the smile and thanks on my clients face – that means it’s all worth it to me. Not many people get to follow their dream and I’m so happy and lucky to have been given this chance.

Additionally – I’m also getting certified as a Yoga Instructor and I am completely obsessed with my golden retriever Bear and cat Holly.

For more information on Laurel  Events, visit

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