Wedding Favor Friday!

(Photo courtesy of MyWedding

Ok, seriously?  How cute are these?  Mini blackboards?  Love it!

While they are absolutely perfect for a vintage-themed wedding, I love them for just about any wedding or any party, for that matter.  They are a great addition to a candy or dessert buffet, or simply add them to your favor table and add your own little message (“Please take a favor” or any message you would like).  I personally love them for the candy and dessert buffets.  Honestly, how many times have you been at one of those tables and asked the person next to you, “Do you know what that is?”  Now, your guests won’t be saying that since your little blackboards will tell them what you have on display! 

They are sold in sets of 6 and price is based on the quantity ordered, ranging from $11.98 to $13.98.  And if you think you HAVE to have them and your wedding is just around the corner, don’t stress.  They’re in stock and can ship ASAP. 

For more information on these and other favors from, click here.


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