Wedding Gown Wednesday!

(Photo courtesy of Anne Barge)

Ok, I’m a little partial to this gown because it looks a little like my own wedding gown, but I had to share it because it’s simply beautiful.
The Anne Barge “Walden” is part of the 2012 Black Label collection.

It’s hand beaded and has an embroidered notched bodice with a full circular ball gown skirt of pearl Italian silk satin blend. I personally love a gown that has the perfect amount of detail on the top and a simple skirt.  I mean, you want all eyes looking up, right?
The Walden is the type of gown that will have your guests’ jaws drop when you begin to walk downt the aisle.  You’ll probably hear whispers of “oh, my god, she looks beautiful!” as you emerge.  The gown would be perfectly paired with a simple veil, necklace and earrings and rhinestone studded strappy sandals.  The Walden retails for $6,590.

For more information on this gown as well as store locations and trunk show information, click here.


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