Wedding Gown Wednesday!

(Photo courtesy of Anne Barge)

I’m going to admit something here that I have never told anyone – I secretly LOVE the name Hadley.  Saw it on reality show once and fell in love.  Secretly want to name a daughter Hadley (not so secret anymore, huh?)

Anyway, so it was no doubt that I fell in love with the Hadley gown by Anne Barge.  It’s strapless with a pleated bodice and pleated skirt with pockets of pearl Italian Razo silk shantung.  There’s something about pockets on bridal gowns that everyone just loves.  It takes something so formal and makes it just a tiny bit casual and real.  I love pockets and I think they’re particularly great for a bride who’s a little shy to wear a gown and also for a beach bride.  Seriously, think about walking down the beach “aisle” wearing this beautiful gown (maybe even barefoot?)

The Hadley gown is simply exquisite – classy enough without too much detail, but enough to give it a little je ne se quoi.  Pair it with diamonds (of course!), pearls, or sapphires. 

For more information on this and other Anne Barge gowns, click here.


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