Wedding Vendor Spotlight! Amy Haberland Photography!

If you are recently engaged, you know (or you will soon find out) that finding the perfect wedding photographer can be daunting.  It’s so much more than finding someone who is available on your wedding date and fits your budget (if it were only that easy!)  The most important things to look for in a photographer are talent and fit.  Your wedding photos will serve as the primary way to remember your big day for years and generations to come.  (I say “generations to come” because I love looking at my grandparents’ wedding photos and I hope my children will love to look at mine as well). 

Whether you are just starting your planning process or have walked up and down the aisles of local brial expos walking away with just a bunch of brochures and business cards, I want to introduce you to Amy Haberland of Amy Haberland Photography.  What I love about Amy is that she’s a fine art photojournalist- meaning she’ll take photos of your wedding as if each were a piece of art (I’m guessing you havent’t run into a whole lot of fine art wedding photographers, have you?) Working with Amy, you’ll be working with an artist (and her prices are unbelieveably reasonable!)

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Amy about her work:

Me:  Tell me about yourself. How did you become interested in photography, in particular, wedding photography? 

Amy:  I’ve always been a very creative person but I came from a highly academic background. I was working in banking and met a friend who turned me on to photography. I love the way photography combines math and art. Photography demands that you understand technical models but more importantly you must have a creative eye. Both of these have always been my strengths. I started as a fine art photographer in school. Over the years, I added many different types of photography to my repertoire while living in Hollywood and working at Fox in the movie division. Upon moving back to Boston, weddings seemed the perfect match. I was extremely lucky in meeting the absolute best wedding photographer in Boston Lisa Rigby who encouraged me to go for it and I’ve never looked back.

Me:  What is a Fine Art Wedding Photojournalist?

Amy:  As I said my background is in fine art. When I capture an image I treat it as if its going to appear in an art gallery or a museum. Is this an interesting image, will people want to look at it over and over? For the photojournalist aspect, I am capturing images to tell a story and I am presenting those images in an honest and accurate way to create a beautiful narrative. While I am telling a story, a wedding is not a war zone (hopefully) and that is where an eye for fine art comes in as you objectively capture images.

Me:  When someone hires you for a wedding, will it always be you who handles their wedding, or do you send assistants or other partners?
Amy:  You always get me. If a second shooter is requested that can be provided, but they handle more of the details of the day rather than the emotional narrative.
Me:  What are some of the trends you are seeing in wedding photography or things your brides are asking for?

Amy:  I think brides are more creative now than ever. They are willing to step outside into different settings for pictures. I have one wedding coming up that is next to an old graveyard and the bride is very up for pictures there. I also think that Pinterest has sparked creativity among brides. They see how little details can really bring a personal special touch to their wedding day.

Me:  After a wedding, how long does it take on average before your clients see the photos?
Amy:  I tell my brides about two weeks, but I’m obsessed with a wedding right after I shoot it so sometimes it will be sooner.
Me:  What options do you provide for albums?

Amy:  I like to use the high end album companies. I want my couples to be able to open a book 40 years from now with the quality still intact. My husband and I design the albums together. He is a fine art painter and a graphic designer. We now offer the option of a fine art oil painting in our top tier package.

Me:  How far in advance do you suggest a couple hires a photographer?
Amy:  I’d say 6 months to a year. I know it’s hard for some brides to plan everything way ahead of time, but I’d say as soon as you have your venue nailed down would be a good time to secure a photographer as well.
Me:  What are the main things a couple should look for in a wedding photographer?

Amy: Really look at the photographer’s portfolio. Do they only have one or two “money” shots or are there lots of nice photos. I also think you want to look for a storyteller, someone who gets the vibe of your wedding-you plan it as a story, make sure someone can capture all that work you put into your special day!

For more information on Amy Haberland Photography, visit or call 781-777-2303.

(All photos courtesy of Amy Haberland)


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