Wedding Favor Friday!

(Photo courtesy of The Favour Shoppe)

I don’t know about you, but this week’s warm weather has got me thinking SUMMER! Finally, right?  With summer, I am picturing rustic outdoor weddings, with strings of lights hung from trees keeping the perfect glow over a reception as the sun sets.  Guests relaxing with their feet up on the empty chair next to them after dancing the night away.  Cocktail in one hand, and why the heck not, a second cocktail in the other.   Love it!

Well, I found something else to help set this scene.  Adorable lighthouse tealight holders.  Oh my god, how cute are these?!?!  I love that they can have double duty – they can be used as part of your decor, scattered at different spot at your reception and also on the dinner tables as part of your rustic tablescape.  But what I love even more is that they make the cutest summertime favor.  Wouldn’t you love to take one of these home?

I love that they look like a little lantern-with their handles.  And we all know how popular lantern favors have become this season.  The lighthouses are cream colored metal (pretty sturdy) and come with a tealight that burns one hour.  (If you plan on using them for decor, look into longer-burning tealights or have some switch them regularly).

Prices range from $2.63 to $4.59, depending in the quantity ordered.

For more information on these and other great favors from The Favour Shoppe, click here.


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