Lenox "Downton Abbey" Dinnerware

(Lenox “Vinatge Jewel” pattern – photo courtesy of Lenox)

(Lenox “Autumn” pattern – photo courtesy of Lenox)

When my husband and I went to do our bridal registry, we didn’t quite know what we wanted to get.  We went into the store, ready to zap barcodes with the little zapper they gave us (husband enjoyed that and if it made him happy at a home store, I was happy).  But there was one thing I knew for certain.  The fine china we selected was going to be Lenox.  I didn’t know the exact pattern, but I knew we couldn’t go wrong with Lenox.  Everyone in my family owns Lenox fine china and everytime we have a new bride in the family, she choose Lenox also. 

Why, you ask?  They are the only manufacturer of fine bone china in the United States and they have been around for over 100 years.  Pieces are durable and most importantly, beautiful.  We felt the pressure trying to find the perfect pattern for us.  Something simple, elegant, and timeless.  As we selected our pattern and the sales associate actually put together a sample table for us with linens, dinnerware and the stemware we had selected, I envisioned holiday dinners years to come with our growing family at the table.

If you’re starting your bridal registry (first of all, congrats!), a Lenox pattern that has become almost trendy lately that I want you to know about is the Autumn pattern of dinnerware.  Although it was originally introduced in 1918, Autumn has created quite the following lately.    The Autumn collection of fine china combines beautiful floral motifs and the jeweled colors of autumn flowers. More than 400 enamel “dots” are hand applied to form the floral and fruit basket design. The ivory fine china, enriched with a gold band, is wrought in the classic Lenox tradition that continues to appeal to every generation.  However, today’s brides are loving Autumn because the design looks like something right out of PBS’ Downton Abbey, a super popular show that I have yet to watch, but if it’s as wonderful as this dinnerware, I’ll have to give it a shot.

If the Autumn design isn’t quite your style but you love the idea of something a little different (and you know you can’t go wrong with Lenox), check out their Vintage Jewel pattern.  To me, this is a little more contemporary but still has that old-world (and well-made) feel.  Honestly, think about setting your table with this beautiful pattern, gorgeous silverware, deep gray linens, and maybe a silver runner (pink, red, or a deep blue would work too).  Love it!

The pattern is very regal, which I love.  And as Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrate their one year anniversary, it’s only fitting to highlight something they would perhaps love?  They probably won’t be coming to the US to purchase their dinnerware, but you can find them at Macy’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond

For more information on these and other great Lenox patterns, and to find a store near you, visit www.Lenox.com.


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