Wedding Gown Wednesday!

(Photo courtesy of Jenny Yoo)

In true Jenny Yoo style, the Sandrina gown is pure elegance.

The minute I saw it, I was thinking I would even love to wear it to a red carpet event – and then I realized that I’ll never get invited to one of those and I am already married – so where can I wear this gorgeous gown?

Sandrina (I’ll just call it that since I feel she’s a friend of mine already) has a strapless neckline with a foldover at the bust – love it!  It’s a trumpet gown (oh, so modern and sophisticated) and has covered buttons along the back. I know it may sound strange, but I love buttons along the back of a bridal gown.  To me, it’s reminiscent of the 1960’s and makes me think of my mother’s wedding gown.

The fabric is silk modal mikado so it really does flatter any figure.  The gown is beautiful on its own, but you can always dress it up even more with the perfect accessories.  Pearls and diamonds work, of course, but you can even add a jeweled belt or sash, chandelier earrings, or rhinestone strappy sandals.  Oh!!!  And a clutch purse!

Sandrina retails for $1,700.  Honestly, where else can you get such a beautiful gown at such a great price?  That’s one of the reasons I love Jenny Yoo gowns.  Modern, elegant styles at affordable prices.

For more information Sandrina or to check out other Jenny Yoo gowns, click here.


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