Boston’s Newest Wedding Venue – Entertainment Cruise’s Seaport Elite II !

When I was planning my wedding and rehearsal dinner, I knew I wanted one thing – to have a venue that was different.  In fact, I am pretty sure most Boston brides would say that.  Honestly, have you ever heard anyone say they want a cookie cutter wedding?  We had so many guests coming in from out-of-town who were going to make our wedding weekend a mini-vacation.  So, the pressure was on to choose the best of the best of everything.  Not only did I want the perfect wedding for myself, but I had to create the perfect weekend getaway for everyone else.  Talk about being stressed.  I wanted everyone to have the time of their lives and to talk about my wedding for years to come.

The biggest issue I faced was finding a venue that would make my jaw drop – and everyone else’s (you know what I mean, right?)  The type of place that you walk into and people are just in awe.  The more and more I think about it, one of Boston’s best features is its waterfront.  Residents love it.  And visitors love it.

So, if you haven’t heard about it already, I am thrilled to be the one to tell you about Entertainment Cruise’s newest vessel – the Seaport Elite II.  The Seaport Elite II is a private yacht that provides the most unique setting and most spectacular views you can find in Boston (and believe me, I have seen quite a few venues).

There are so many things I love about it.  First, the interior.  There are two fully enclosed, climate controlled decks and an open sky deck (if you have ever taken the Spirit of Boston or Odyssey cruises, you know how great the sky decks are. Most people step onto the sky decks and simply say “Oh my god, this is awesome” once they see the view.)     Second, the staff.  The Seaport Elite II has professional event planners that walk you through the entire planning process and make sure you completely understand your options (and there are plenty of them) and that you are 100% happy with the package that is, essentially, designed for you.  And that takes me to the third reason I love Entertainment Cruises. Everyone knows the most important detail of a reception is the menu.  With the Seaport Elite II, there are so many menu and beverage options (honestly, I was reading about what they offer and started to get pretty hungry – note to self, don’t blog about food when it’s dinner time).  They offer lunch, dinner, and cocktail reception menus that sounds totally scumptious.  The prosciutto wrapped chicken, risotto, filet mignon?  Oh my god, sign me up!  They do have sample menus and packages made up but if it’s not quite what you are looking for, their fab chefs will create a special menu just for you.  Yes, they are all about custom.

So, I want to tell you a little bit more about the yacht itself.  The main dining deck is the first level on the Seaport Elite II and can seat 126. It has a  private restroom, full galley and two outer decks in the bow and the stern. The second deck has a cocktail lounge (who wouldn’t love that?)  It’s made up of one bar, a lounge area, high top bistro tables, a bridal suite/VIP room and an open deck with open-air patio seating. Sounds pretty cool, huh?  And finally, the skydeck.  The skydeck has patio seating and pretty spectacular panoramic views of Boston Harbor and the city.  I promise that your guests will LOVE this.  In fact, they probably won’t want to leave the yacht.

So, one last thing I wanted to tell you about.  The Seaport Elite II offers a ton of ways to customize your wedding or rehearsal dinner.  Some of my favorite options floral arrangements, ice sculptures, reggae bands, steel drum bands (so cool), casinos, and get this, karaoke.

If I’ve gotten you interested, you have to check them out.  Visit or call 888-741-0285.  They’ll give you all the details about pricing and availability.  Tell them you read about them on!


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