Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Amy Kimball Events

Every so often, I come across a wedding planner whose work simply makes my jaw drop.  Someone whose design, talent, and dedication makes me want to tell Boston brides about him / her.  Someone who I wish I had come across before I tied the knot because I would have loved to have worked with them.  That’s pretty much how I felt when I learned about Amy Kimball Events.  As I looked at photos from her past events, I literally said “Oh my God, how beautiful!”  And then I felt a tinge of jealousy – I wished that those beautifully designed weddings were mine, all mine (does that make me a bad person?).  Feelings of “I wish I had thought to do something like that” crossed my  mind one too many times.  Now, my wedding is over and done with, but if you are recently engaged or have just started the planning process, it’s not too late for you!  If you are looking to not just host a wedding, but rather than a spectacular affair your guests will be talking about for years, you have to check out Amy Kimball Events.

You may have heard of Amy recently.  She was featured on NECN just last week with some super fabulous 4th of July party ideas (yes, she can handle any type of event, not just weddings!).  And if you have already started your wedding planning, chances are you have come across Amy’s “Tips To to Glam Up Your Wedding on a Budget”.    (I know she’d love to share the details for each idea with you – in the meantime, they focus on:



Menu Cards


Color Accent

Speciality Drinks

Guest Gifts

Having Fun

Amy can execute pretty much any wedding vision you have.  And if you aren’t quite sure what you want, she can help you narrow that down as well.  Amy handles everything from start to finish – vision, planning, vendor research and hiring, and most importantly, budgeting.  She offers both full-service planning and wedding consulting (which may right up your alley if you already started your wedding planning and just need some guidance).  Oh yeah, and if you’re having a destination wedding, she handles those too (and they are drop-dead gorgeous events).

So, intrigued as I have been, I had to reach out to this wedding-planning wonder.  And I had the privilege of speaking to Amy Kimball about her experience and also about the wedding industry in Boston in general.  Here’s what she had to say:

Me:  Tell me a little bit about your background.  What interested you about weddings and events?  How did you get started?

Amy:  I started my career in L.A. working in television publicity and with that came throwing premiere parties for our client’s TV movies.  That was my favorite part of the job and I knew I was on to something.  But I took a bit of a turn and moved to NYC to work in Advertising – at the same time, taking interior design classes and always spearheading internal events.  When I moved back to Boston in 200, I got back into Public Relations and working primarily on launch events and fundraisers.  And it grew from there.

Me:  What sort of planning services do you offer?

Amy:  I offer full service event planning and design–literally soup to nuts, from finding the venues to working on invitations, to coordinating vendors, designing the entire event and then producing it.  I also do consulting work, if the client doesn’t have a budget to hire full service I will work with them to guide them in the right direction for the elements they are doing themselves then will usually always manage the day of as part of the consulting package.

Me:  Do you work alone or do you have a team of planners?

Amy:  I am the planner and designer and I have an assistant who supports me.  I also work with team of freelance production staff who are hired as needed per event.

Me:  What trends are you seeing in weddings this year?

Amy:  As far as ceremonies go the trend is definitely “custom”.  Couples are designing their own ceremonies which really means something to them.  Some are interfaith but many are non-denominational.  There are no rules anymore for the ceremony and I think it’s wonderful. Rarely am I part of a traditional religious ceremony.  Also, on the design side, lately I am seeing this “all white” trend happening right now, it’s about clean and crisp and this super chic background to build from.

Me:  Is there a certain type of wedding you really enjoy planning?

Amy:  I know it sounds corny but I really love all the weddings I plan.  I love working with and connecting with the couple and their families.  I will say there is something a little special about a destination wedding though.  They are usually smaller and everyone who has traveled is really committed to being there which creates a great energy.  And it’s usually filled with group activities which is another nice dynamic to your wedding weekend.

Me:  What advice do you give to a bride when she has grand visions and a not so grand budget?

Amy:  I tell them from the beginning they need to really decide what their priorities are and communicate those with everyone who is participating in the planning (ie. helping pay).  Once you know your priorities and are on the same page with your family, it is much easier to let go of some of the smaller things that may add up and go over your budget.  That said, you usually don’t have to sacrifice too much–there are many tricks to save money and still have the wedding of dreams.

Me:  Why do you feel brides should consider hiring a planner?

Amy:  We are professionals and do this every day–most people getting married have never undertaken throwing a massive event with a lot of moving parts.  A planner always has your best interest in mind and can seamlessly work with vendors to create your vision.  It’s easy to pull photos and have an idea but to actually execute and manage is a full-time job and I can only imagine that the stresses of all the details would actually take away from the fun and relaxation that you should be experiencing while planning and having your wedding.  When I get married even I will hire a planner!

Me:  Do you travel for weddings?

Amy:  Yes, I happily travel around the world for weddings.

Me:  What do you think your competitive edge is in the wedding planning industry in Boston?

Amy:  I am, in essence, a one-woman show–I design, plan, budget and manage.  When you hire Amy Kimball Events you don’t get a person you’ve never met assigned to your wedding, you work directly with me throughout the entire process–we’re in it together!

Me:  Is there anything your clients would be surprised to find out about you?  Tell us a little something about your self and your hobbies!

Amy:  I don’t think there is anything clients would be too surprised about.   I’m an avid traveler, recovering vegetarian (baby steps) and am obsessed with hot yoga.

If Amy has intrigued you (and there’s no doubt she has), visit her at or call 617-851-2166.  You’re going to love working with her and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

(All photos courtesy of Amy Kimball Events)


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