New Wedding Registry Launch at!

Let’s face it – wedding planning can leave you flat out exhausted.  Gown shopping, gown fittings, entertainment selection, RSVPs, and don’t forget bridesmaid drama.  But the one area that should be fun, fun, fun for both you and your fiance is your registry.  Every bride who I have ever worked with has said creating a registry is great because not only do you get to do a whole lot of shopping without spending a dime, but it’s a terrific way to get grooms involved in the wedding planning process.  Now, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose groom is all about the centerpieces, color scheme, and invitation font.  But if you are in the bridal majority, there are only a few wedding items a groom will most likely become involved with – and the registry is one of them.

Up until recently, registries have been about hitting up your local department or home goods store and going to town with the little electronic zapper (which often didn’t work and you would have to go up to the register and hope the cashiers could figure it out or worse, wait until another one became available / another groom decided to stop playing with it).  Then you chose your cookware, linens, and china.  And while many stores have developed online registries, most are limited to just a few home goods categories.  But today, that has all changed.

Boston-based today has launched a wedding (and baby) registry that is just a huge added bonus to their already-pretty darn awesome website.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE shopping on sites in which you can purchase items from several different categories.  (This comes is handy when I’m holiday shopping for hubby and he has no idea what I purchased when the boxes arrive!) (you may have known them as CSN Stores) has an unbelieveable selection of home goods (5 million to be exact) so there’s a pretty good chance you are going to find just about everything you need (and more) to create a registry with.

One of the things I hear a lot these days is that since many brides and grooms have lived on their own (or even together) for a number of years, so they already own so many home goods.  With, you can register for anything.  Sure, you can register for furniture for any room in your home, home decor, kitchenware, and bed and bathroom decor, but there are so many other things too.    Does your groom love the idea of a man cave?  Great!  Register for a pool table.  Thinking of turning your backyard into an entertaining area?  Check out their patio and garden goods.  Want to update the lighting fixtures in your newly-purchased condo?  You can do it at  Really want to get your groom involved?  Tell him he can register for golf gear.  Seriously.

Having a selection like this allows you to really get what you want and need.  I’ve heard one too many times about brides registering for crystal vases and frames they were told to register for – but never use.  Now, your registry can be practical and completely tailored to you.  Plus, you get 10% off remaining registry items after your wedding day. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out – you’re gonna love their huge selection!  And when you’re ready, grab your fiance and  2 glasses of wine one night and start your registry!




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