SalonCapri Offers DIY Bridal Hair Tips!

Once you have your wedding gown chosen, you may think all the pressure is lifted off your beautiful bridal shoulders.  I hate to be the one to break it to you, but finding your gown is just one piece to your entire bridal look.  Once you have your gown, however, you can start to pull together the rest of the oh-so-important pieces – shoes, jewelry, veil or other hair accessories, handbag, make-up and of course, hairstyle.  Finding the perfect hairstyle can either make or break your look.  Sure, you can have a drop-dead gorgeous gown, but if your hair doesn’t complement it, you won’t get the full effect.

Whether you are looking for a loose, sultry style, or are settled on having a traditional bridal up-do, there are tons of options out there.  And if you are a DIY bride, I am SO HAPPY to be the one to share some awesome DIY hairstyles with you.  (Yes, you CAN do these yourself!)

So, I asked my friends over at SalonCapri (you know them and love them in Newton and Dedham) to share some DIY bridal hair tips.  Here’s what Nick Penna, Jr., owner and stylist, had to say:

Me:  Tell me about your background.  How did you become interested in hair styling?

Nick:  My parents opened the first SalonCapri location as newlyweds in 1967, so I grew up at the salon, although I never had any intention of following in their footsteps! I began working at the salon as a teenager, and as I grew older, it became clear that hair styling was just in my blood. After I graduated from Blaine Hair School, I worked at a salon in Boston as a way to gain diverse experience before returning to the family business.

Me:  What trends are you seeing in wedding hair styles this year?  Are there certain looks Boston area brides have been asking for?

Nick:  Brides have been focusing more on the natural look, rather than an intricate up-do. The simple half-up half-down style with classic curls has been popular with Boston brides.

Me:  Why do you think brides have been leaning toward doing their own hair or having a close friend or family member do it for them on their wedding day?

Nick:  I think the movement toward DIY-wedding ideas has gained a lot of popularity because of sites like Pinterest and Etsy, and doing your own hair, or having a close friend do it, adds a level of intimacy to your style that truly represents you. On your wedding day, you want to look gorgeous and groomed, but you still want to look like yourself. To me, it’s always important to capture the client’s personal style and keep the look elegant and understated.

Me:  Are there certain looks a novice hairstylist can do on her own?

Nick:  Loose curls pulled back from the face with a clip is a great look for a novice hairstylist to accomplish on her own, or a low chignon. The trick with both of these styles is to not be perfect! For the curls, use a large-barreled curling and loosely wrap two inch sections of hair around the barrel, holding the iron vertically. Be sure to alternate the way your rotate the iron—the curl closest to your face should rotate away, and the next section should rotate forward. For the chignon, blow-dry your hair as usual and add a few loose curls to the ends with a curling iron. Then, all you have to do is twist your hair into a bun (I like to go off to one side) and secure with some bobby pins.

Me:  What advice do you have as far as incorporating hair accessories (headbands, tiaras, veils (traditional and birdcage) and pins)?

Nick:  Hair accessories often add a beautiful touch that brings the whole look together. For example, a detailed clip goes nicely with a short veil that frames the face, or thin white head band/tiara pairs well with an up-do and a veil placed at the back of the head. However, an overload of accessories can clutter a bride’s elegant look – a little goes a long way! I’ve had a number of brides wear two looks at their wedding – one for the ceremony and a second for the reception. If you change up your ‘do for the reception, that’s a great opportunity to include a different accessory.

Me:  Brides have always heard conflicting info on this matter so we hope you can clear things up for us!  Is it easier and recommended to style hair that has been washed the day prior or the day of?

Nick:  I always recommend to wash (and blow-dry) your hair the day prior, but not to curl or straighten it. It’s easier to style hair the next day once the hair’s natural oils and texture have had time to equilibrate.

Me:  What are a few core products a bride should have when creating her look?

Nick:  A heat protective/activated hair spray, like Shu Uemura’s Protective Thermal Spray. It has amazing hold and makes it very easy to create waves, volume, or a smooth style.  A smoothing cream or serum, like Shu Uemura’s White Tea Polishing Milk. It locks in moisture and prevents fly-aways so you hair stays smooth and shiny.  A round brush to create a smooth, voluminous blow-dry.

Me:  Any tips on touching up hair throughout the wedding day?

Nick:  Always keep extra bobby pins and finishing spray on hand. A finishing spray is lighter than hairspray and won’t leave a sticky residue, but is great for re-vamping loose curls or securing any stray pieces.

Me:  Do you have advice on how to keep the suggested DIY looks when brides have to deal with the humidity, rain, and snow and all the other unexpected weather mishaps and surprises of New England?

Nick:  Always prep your hair with a smoothing cream or serum—it really does wonders!

Me:  What is the ideal time a bride should have her hair colored or highlighted prior to the wedding date?

Nick:  The first two weeks is when hair color looks the best, so schedule an appointment a week prior to the wedding. This isn’t the time to do anything drastic, stick to your usual coloring. I also suggest getting a gloss treatment; it will add shine and make the color last longer so you look great all the way through the honeymoon.

Me:  What about brides who would just rather have their hair done.  What types of services does Salon Capri offer?

Nick:  SalonCapri offers a variety of hair treatments and styles for any bride, including makeup. From a bridal beehive and vintage-inspired curls to an elegant low chignon or half up-do, we can tailor any look to capture your personal style and complete your look.

I love that the trends in bridal hair are starting to steer away from formal up-do’s and more toward softer looks.  Nick’s suggestions can  a long way!  These are simple enough to create for your bridal shower, engagment party, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner.  So many options!  And like Nick said, if you are leaning toward leaving it to the pros, SalonCapri offers bridal services (hair and make-up).  So whether you are a DIY bride or prefer to be pampered, you can put the talent of SalonCapri to work for you.

For more information on SalonCapri, visit

Newton Location:  31 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands (617) 969-1970

Dedham Location:  406 Legacy Place, Dedham (781) 320-0900

(All photos courtesy of SalonCapri).





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