Real Weddings – Linda and Tony

Once in a while, I hear about a couple whose story just tugs at my heartstrings.  Yes, we all love a wedding – the bride, the gown, and everything that goes along with it.  But to see a couple whose love can be seen not only by their actions, but also the by the looks on their faces makes me think – yeah, that’s true love.   And that’s what I felt when I heard about Linda and Tony.

What caught my attention about this wonderful couple is something Tony had done prior to their wedding.  With so much focus always being on the bride, I love hearing about wonderful grooms.  I have a very close friend who always says you need to marry not just a good guy, but a great guy.  And Tony is a great guy.  It takes a special man to make the efforts that Tony had made – traveling to Latvia to meet Linda’s family, in particular, her grandparents, before their wedding took place.  They were already engaged, but he wanted to know where she was from, how she grew up, and the people who meant most to her.  When I heard about this, I honestly thought “Oh my god, what a wonderful gesture!”  Making that trip speaks volumes to the type of person Tony is and the type of husband he was destined to be.  Really think about it for a second – how many guys would actually do this?

Linda and Tony were married just this past month at the Naswa Resort in Laconia, NH.  If you aren’t familiar with the resort, it’s the quintessential family resort – perfect for a wedding, reunion or vacation.  Personally, I love it for a wedding because it’s the type of place a couple can easily travel to and vacation at for years to come.  The resort has a great staff of event planners who really do help you out with all aspects of wedding planning (perfect for couples who don’t live in the area and are basically planning a destination wedding).

Despite terrible winds and rain, Linda and Tony were able to not only pull off a wonderful wedding, but also spend quality time with their family and friends.  Linda was a true DIY bride (which we all LOVE!) and got her hands right in to do anything that needed to be done – everything from making last minute trips to the local stores for beverages, creating bouquets and centerpieces, and of course, playing hostess.  In fact, not only was Linda a DIY bride, her whole family really made this day happen.  Her bridesmaid created a flawless look with Linda’s hair and make-up and her brother was the official wedding photographer.  Talk about a family affair!

Despite the weather, not only were Linda and Tony able to make everything happen pretty smoothly, but they have some truly great photos from it all.  As we all know, one of the hottest trends this year for wedding is photo props.  Well, they may have been necessary because of the weather, but the umbrellas are pretty awesome props if you ask me!  These photos are priceless.  I know first hand what it’s like to have rain on your wedding day.   But, I hear it’s good luck, and I wish just that for Linda and Tony.

Congrats Linda and Tony!

Photographer: Einars Odinecs
Back Up Photographers: Sergei Krupnov & Johnny McCabe
Dress: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Steve Madden (bride), Sperry Top Sider’s (groom & groomsmen)
Reception location and catering: Naswa Resort
Cake: Ooo La La Creative Cakes
DJ: 2 Clapps DJ Services



  1. Such a nice warm article and so true.
    Linda’s mom.

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