Wedding Vendor Spotlight – The Cardbox Diva!

When I got married, the only option for brides wanting to have a place for guests to leave cards was a birdcage.  Cute little things, they are.  But honestly, I couldn’t help but wonder why there weren’t any other options out there.  I loved our “cage”.  In fact, our videographer got a great shot of one of our guests trying to put their card in it – and couldn’t figure out how.  It gave us a good laugh.  Until after the wedding, when we couldn’t figure out how to even open it.  Not so much fun.

Today’s brides don’t have to rely on birdcages.  Luckily, something new and oh, so elegant has emerged – cardboxes.  If you haven’t heard of The Cardbox Diva, you have to check her out.  The Cardbox Diva creates hand-painted, eco-friendly wedding products – all made to order in the colors and embellishments you select to completely personlize your wedding.  When I heard about The Cardbox Diva on Twitter, I loved the sound of her name so I had to see for myself what exactly she did.  I think my jaw dropped when I started going through her gallery of boxes.  These cardboxes are exquisite.  So beautiful that they resemble wedding cakes.  (Personally I was a little jealous of the bride who had the champagne and black cardbox. It would have been perfect for my wedding!)

Each box is handcrafted out of heavy duty eco-friendly recycled paper maché, then hand painted using durable acrylic paint. The boxes are trimmed with double faced satin ribbon in your colors of choice. Other materials may be used according to your specifications. Past brides have chosen to use Swarovski crystals, feathers, raffia, and monograms.

If you are anything like me, you are probably looking for ways to make your wedding unique (enough of that cookie-cutter stuff, right?)  Well, cardboxes are a great way to do so.  They are efficient, yet elegant and can be personalized.  What more can you ask?  Once you have your wedding colors selected, choose a design and get that order placed.  An order placed less than six (6) weeks before the event is considered a “rush order,” and will require an additional fee in order to accommodate.  So, get your order in early!

I’ve chosen some of my favorite cardboxes here.  How beautiful are they?!?! Don’t they look like simply elegant wedding cakes?  Fortunately, they are too pretty to eat!  These cardboxes made awesome wedding keepsakes too.  Love it!

(All photos courtesy of The Cardbox Diva)

Fore more information on these and other great cardboxes, visit .  You can also email or call 888-315-9296.



  1. This is really a nice collection of wedding products..Loved it..

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