Wedding Favor Friday!

I know what you’re thinking….you can’t believe summer is over, fall is on full swing, and here I am talking about winter wedding favors.  You’re probably thinking I nuts, but if your wedding is anytime between the end of November and March, it’s time to think about how you want to thank your guests.  The hottest favors are out now so scoop them up while you can.  Remember, favors don’t have to cost a whole lot (nor should they).  They’re just a little thank you take-away for your guests to let them know how much you loved having them be a part of your day.

I recently checked out what my friends over at Stoughton-based The Wedding Outlet are offering and I wanted to share a couple of great finds.  I love, love, love The Wedding Outlet.  They’re pretty much a one-stop shop for wedding stuff – items for your ceremony and reception, gifts for your bridal party, stationery, and of course, favors.  They also have terrific prices, and let’s face it, every bride is on a budget of some sort.  And finally, they’re local, and I love supporting Massachusetts companies!

I saw these two favors perfect for any winter wedding and had to share them with you.  You know me, favors should be useful to the recipient (no knick-knacks, please!) and these fit the bill.

First, I love these snowflake wine bottle stoppers.  Not only are they perfect for the season, but it doesn’t matter how many one owns, you can always use more.  They are perfect for any wine lover and if the recipient isn’t a wine drinker, chances are, they can use them when they entertain.  Love it!  It comes with its own gift box and thank you tag, so it’s all ready to go.  Prices range from $2.95 to $3.95, depending on the quantitity ordered.

And these snowflake candle holders are just too cute.  They come in frosted or in glacier blue so they will blend in with any color scheme you choose for your wedding and they are small enough that they won’t take away from your tablescape.  Any guest will love adding these to their home winter decor.  Each package comes with 2 tea light holders (candles sold separately).  Prices range from $5.05 to $6.75, depending on the quantity ordered.

For more information, visit The Wedding Outlet online.



  1. You have suggested some really great ideas for the wedding favors. I totally believe that the gifts should not be much costly but should be given with intention and warmth.

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