Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Harrington Flowers LLC

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If you are have been planning your wedding for months or are recently engaged (perhaps over the holidays?), congrats!  Planning your wedding should be as stress-free as possible (yes, it IS possible!)  One of the main reasons why brides become stressed during their wedding planning process is trying to find the perfect vendors.  Sure, you can just flip through local bridal magazines, wedding planning websites, and attend bridal shows to meet vendors.  But the best way to find perfect vendors is through referrals.  So, that’s why I’m excited to tell you about Harrington Flowers.

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Once in a while, I meet a vendor whose work stands out above the rest.  And that’s what happened when I saw the work from Harrington Flowers.  Owner Brad Harrington of the Derry, NH-based floral boutique is a true floral artist.  Sure, you can hire a florist to pull a basic arrangement together.  But weddings are different and you really need a florist who can take your vision and turn it into something fabulous. Or if you don’t quite have a vision, a florist who can help you figure out what you may or may not want.  You’ll want someone talented, has great attention to detail, can work within any budget, and who can travel to your area wedding.  Well, here he is!  I found him for you – Brad Harrington.

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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Brad about his business and learned a lot about his floral talent and wedding trends:

Me:  Can you tell me a little bit about Harrington Flowers? What is your background and when did you open your business?
Brad:  I started in the floral industry when I was only 19 years old. It was love at first sight.  I remember my first day at work at Winston Flowers it was on Valentine’s Day the year we had a Nor’easter (I am sure many florists remember the year. Shortly after that day I accepted a job at Winston’s and would go in on my days off to learn from the designers. It was such an amazing place to learn my trade as I got to be exposed to so many unique styles and very talented designers. I shortly worked my way into becoming a designer and was honored to work in special services at this company as the customer relations coordinator. In my desire to become a full time designer I left Winston’s to work for Flowers by Steve in Haverhill Mass. This is where I really built confidence in myself as a floral artist. I will always be grateful to these two amazing companies.
I decided to branch out on my own for many reasons but the main reason was I could see the floral industry changing over the course of the twenty years I had been working in the field. I have and will always be customer oriented.  I started Harrington Flowers in May of 2011 and in my first year designed over fifty weddings and grew into a store and a full service florist.

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Me:  What trends are you seeing in floral design, particularly for weddings?
Brad:  With the economy being down brides are looking for creative ways to stretch their budgets. As a floral artist it is my job to help them with this and do it in ways where it does not look like they are trying to cut back or save money. Helping them create impact designs instead of trying to fill the reception hall is a huge way to save on budget and is also a very cool look for a modern wedding reception.

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Me:  What are the most important factors brides should consider when choosing a florist?
Brad:  We all have our unique style and taste. Find a florist you feel comfortable with one that you feel really understands your vision.
Never make the mistake on choosing based on price as that is something that can usually be negotiated or adjusted.

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Me:  What areas in the Boston area do you serve? How far do you travel for weddings?
Brad:  I have had the honor of working at many great venues in Boston. Since starting Harrington Flowers I have designed weddings at the Boston Public library, The New England Aquarium, The Hyatt in Cambridge and many more.  I am willing to travel to most of New England. I do not do multiple events on the same day so travel is never an issue as long as I am available.

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Me:  How soon in advance should a bride book you? Do you handle more than one wedding on a particular day?
Brad:  Brides should book their vendors when they feel comfortable that they found the person they feel is the one they want to work with.
Going on last year we did turn people away as we were already committed to other couples. Personal attention is one of the big reasons I started HF. It is something I feel every person deserves on one of the biggest days of their life.

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For more information on Harrington Flowers, contact Brad at:

Phone:  (603) 437-4030

On the Web: and on Facebook


(All photos courtesy of Brad Harrington of Harrington Flowers LLC)


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