Bridesmaid Gifts She’ll Love!

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all been on the receiving end of bridesmaid gifts we could do without. I swore I wouldn’t be that bride and I have a feeling you don’t want to be that bride either. The key to making your bridal party feel special on your day is to make them feel appreciated. Remember, you asked them to be in your wedding because they all hold special meaning to you. So make sure you thank them with an awesome thank you gift!

Years ago, many brides would purchase a piece of jewelry that bridesmaids could (or were supposed to) wear on the wedding day and that was their gift. Yeah, I don’t think so. These girls have been with you through thick and thin and have sacrificed a lot to be be there for your entire dating life, engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and your wedding. Thank them properly with something they deserve and will love!

I came across a few things that would make terrific bridesmaid gifts so I wanted to share them with you! All gifts are from Nordstrom so right there you know you can’t go wrong!


Maid of Honor Necklace, $102


Kate Spade “Bridesmaid” Bangle, $58


Nordstrom Travel Brush Set, $30


Sequin Small Bamboo Enamal Bangle, $28 (several colors to choose from!)


Waffle Cotton Robe, $58 (five colors to choose from)


Pleated Satin Clutch, $60 (four colors to choose from)


Home Pedicure Set, $31

And while you can shop 24/7 (I do!) you can always visit them in person at these local retail spots:

Nordstrom South Shore Plaza

Nordstrom Burlington

Nordstrom Northshore

Nordstrom Natick Mall

Nordstrom Providence Place Mall


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