Wedding Gown Wednesday!


I actually had to do a double-take when I saw the price on this super-sexy wedding gown.  There’s no way it says “$195”.  But, in fact, it does.  Yes, really!


As soon as I saw this gorgeous gown by Xscape I had to share it with you. While it’s absolutely perfect for a destination wedding on a beach, an ocean-front wedding on the Cape, there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear it for a ballroom wedding in Boston.   This gown is certainly for the super-sophisticated bride (yes, you!)  – a bride whose style may be simple and understated but sometimes wants that little bit of bling.  This gown is just that.  I love the one shoulder strap!  In a world of strapless wedding gowns, I love seeing ones that aren’t.  The crystal details on this dress are just enough to give a special touch, but without overdoing it.

Another thing I love about this gown is that it’s not overly long, so you can totally show off those fabulous shoes you want to wear.  And no need to wear white shoes with this beauty – go all the way with silver or sequin strappies! (And I think it might be ok to splurge on the shoes since the gown is such a great price, don’t you?)

For more information on this and other wedding gowns from Nordstrom, click here.

(Photos courtesy of Nordstrom)


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