Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Brighter Lights Media

Brides, I am going to be completely honest and frank with you here.  Hiring a videographer for your wedding is an absolute must.  In fact, I have read so many polls out there from former brides who, when asked, “what is your biggest regret from your wedding day?”, have answered “not hiring a videographer”.  Now, I know you don’t want to be one of those brides, do you?

You spend so much time planning your wedding and the day itself goes by in a flash (everyone says that, but it’s true).  A video will capture things you may not even notice going on at your wedding.  (I love watching guests’ facial expressions in wedding videos.  It really does touch my heart and I may not even know them!  Your wedding is truly the most important day in your life and there is only one way to really capture the emotion behind it all – through a video.)

Fortunately, wedding videos have come a long way.  Videos from 20 years ago may have literally been simple footage without much editing.  Even videos from 5 years ago don’t give justice to what is available today.  And what is that, you ask?  Wedding videos today are more like films.  So, picture you, your fiance, your closest friends and family, celebrating the greatest moment of your life, and having it all captured in a film where you are the stars.

Once in a while, I will come across a Boston wedding vendor I HAVE to tell you about.  I have been through the wedding planning process and have helped close friends plan their weddings.  One of the biggest struggles is finding great wedding vendors.  You want a vendor you can trust and who is talented.  And when it comes to videographers, trust and talent is crucial.

So, I am beyond excited to tell you about Somerville-based Brighter Lights Media.  Brighter Lights Media is an award-winning wedding cinematography company and fortunately for you guys, they are based right here in the Boston area.  I absolutely love their work.  Yes, I am a wedding junkie and love to watch any wedding video someone will let me, but their work actually brought me to tears (there, I admitted it).  I’m guessing that’s the type of wedding film you would love to have too, so please read on.

The Brighter Lights Media team is made up of co-Presidents Christian Nachtrieb and Christopher Scesny.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Christian about the company, his background, and what Boston brides have been wanting in their wedding films. Here’s what he had to say:

Bridalista:  Tell me a little bit about your background. How did you get involved with videography and what made you interested in weddings?

Christian:  I studied Mass Communications at SUNY Oneonta where I graduated in 2008. That summer after college I got my start as an intern at a large international publishing company producing numerous eMarketing and sales videos.

Bridalista:  How did you start Brighter Lights Media?

Christian:  Brighter Lights Media was originally founded by Christopher Scesny, my current business partner. It started out as a production company doing mostly small business marketing videos in Albany, NY. After I left my position as a Production Manager at my old job, Chris and I got together to sit down and talk about making Brighter Lights Media a full-time gig. The first wedding we ever filmed was for a friend of ours, and they sort of decided on a videographer last minute and asked us to shoot their wedding about two weeks prior. A few months later and a couple of solid referrals from them and we were off and running!

Bridalista:  How would you describe your video style?

Christian:  Our style is very modern and cinematic. Storytelling is the most important part of what we do. Anyone can buy a nice camera and learn to expose properly and frame a shot, we take it a few steps further than that. Our films are genuinely unique to each couple and we make it a very customized process. We learn as much as we possibly can about them prior to the wedding, and use the information we uncover in guiding how we approach the day and what to focus on.

Bridalista:  When you meet with a potential client, what are the things you review with them?  What should they expect from their first meeting?

Christian:  We love taking people out to meet them for the first time. Our first meetings generally consist of us asking them a lot of questions about how they met, where they’re getting married, and why they chose a particular location. The “why” is big for us, we’re always trying to find that hook that we can focus on to showcase their personality & individuality the best. We find it to be a waste of time to be asking about schedules, timelines, guest count, etc. upon first meeting someone. Establishing a friendship and building trust are paramount to what we do, and we make sure to get that relationship off to the right start by showing that we do genuinely care about who’s sitting across the table from us.

Bridalista:  Do you feel it’s important for you to “click” with the couple?

Chrsitian:  Of course. The best way for us to capture real, authentic moments between people is by having them feel as comfortable as possible. We often communicate with our clients on social media, sharing photos on Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We’re a very transparent company and enjoy making people feel as though they can be themselves with us as they would any other friend.

Bridalista:  What happens after the wedding?  When do couples see their video?

Christian:  After the wedding, couples who purchased a wedding trailer or highlights film from us will see that generally within 2-4 weeks after the date of their wedding. This keeps them entertained and builds up anticipation until their final film is ready. As for the feature, our couples usually receive their completed wedding film about 4 months after the event.

Bridaista:  What trends are you seeing in wedding videography this year?

Christian:  I think the most recent trend last year and the couple of years prior was the technological push to smaller DSLR cameras. This year I think it’s all about content and incorporating a brand strategy for your films. It’s pretty easy for anyone to break into this field now, which is why I’m seeing a lot of focus on producing more relevant videos, ones that speak to the bride and groom on a personal level. There’s less of a formulaic way to the shooting/editing and filmmakers are taking note and looking to find unique ways to brand themselves and stand out from their competition. It’s all for the better in my opinion, I love the constant push to better my craft and looking for new ways to build your business.

Bridalista:  Do you travel for weddings?

Christian:  We love traveling! For 2013 you’ll be able to find us all over Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine.

Bridalista:  How soon in advance should a couple hire you?

Christian:  If a couple is serious about having a wedding film from us, we recommend contacting us about 9-12 months in advance. We limit the amount of weddings we take on each year, and the busy season for us is June and September.

Bridalista:  What are some red flags that couples should look out for when hiring a videographer?

Christian:  Recently a story was featured in the Metro in Boston about a videographer who ended up taking dozens of couples’ deposits, and even some full payments and split town. This was an incredibly heartbreaking story to have heard, not only were people out a few thousand dollars, but they’re now robbed of all those memories on video. To avoid being scammed there’s definitely a few things to be on the lookout for. Always have a copy of a signed contract, and avoid anyone that tells you they’ll give you a discount if you pay in full up front, especially in cash.

Bridalista:  What distinguishes you from other local wedding videographers?

Christian:  I think what distinguishes us from other local wedding videographers is our ability to listen. Not just during a client meeting, but also on the day of the wedding. Being able to operate the camera, keep focus, steady it, and being able to listen and keep an open ear to our environment is huge. We’re always after those little moments that are unfolding all around the room that come together to tell a story of the wedding day and of the couple.

Bridalista:  Anything else you want to share?

Christian:  The most valuable piece of advice I always give to couples looking for a videographer is to ask to see an example of the final product. This is what the majority of your investment is going towards and you should find out if the production quality is the same throughout the final film as it is in the wedding highlights.

For more information and to see samples of their work, visit  You can also email them at or call (617) 229-5027.

Find them on Facebook , on Twitter,  and on Pinterest.


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