Wedding Favor Friday!


(Photo courtesy of Mass Bay Trading)

I love highlighting local Massachusetts companies, especially when it comes to wedding favors.   Every bride I meet wants to find unique wedding favors for their wedding.  And let’s face it, when you search for “unique wedding favors” online, you usually get everything but that in your search results.  That’s why I am spotlighting Massachusetts -based Mass Bay Trading this month for my weekly wedding favors.  I love, love, love their products!  They truly are unique and I love that so many favors are New England and Massachusetts-specific.

You have to check out their cranberry harvest tea…so relaxing and delicious!  It’s from Nantucket Tea Traders and is a blend of oriental black tea and cranberry infusions.  I love that it can be served hot or iced, so it’s really perfect for any time of the year, regardless of what season your wedding is.  Each box contains 24 teabags, so your guests will be able to enjoy it for a while.

They retail for just $5.95 each!  For ordering information, click here.  (And yes, the product description suggests even pairing it with rum – what’s not to love???)


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