Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Dependable Cleaners


Ok, ladies.  We all know that finding the perfect wedding gown can be as important as (and sometimes more difficult than) finding your mate.  So, when you do find that perfect gown, make sure your alterations and after-wedding preservation are in the hands of trusted professionals.  And in the Greater Boston area, that means Dependable Cleaners.

You already know and love them for their dry cleaning services, but did you know that they are experts in wedding gown work too?  And when I say “experts”, I mean experts.  Dependable Cleaners wedding gown staff have years, some even with decades, of experience in pre- and post-wedding gown services.

So, let’s run down some of their awesome services.  First, pre-wedding.  They do all the nuts and bolts of gown alterations.  Whether your gown needs just a little hem or if it needs major work, Dependable Cleaners seamstresses are pros.  And if you are one of those brides who wants to wear a family gown from years past but aren’t quite sure if you can pull it off due to the gown’s condition or style, this staff can help you.  And right before your big day, they can handle your gown being pressed and if needed, God forbid, spot cleaning too. (Phew!)

Now, I know this has crossed your mind – What if something happens to my gown on my wedding day?  You pray that it doesn’t.  But accidents can happen and you want to be prepared.  No bride should ever stress on her wedding day!  Fortunately, Dependable Cleaners offers wedding day on-site services.  (Ok, this is pretty cool, don’t you think?  I have never heard of anyone offering this!)  The pros will meet you at your home or venue (whatever you choose) and will be on hand for any last-minute gown emergencies.  So, this totally lets you sit back, enjoy being pampered and getting ready, and enjoy the day, the way you are supposed to!

Once your wedding day has passed, you still need to care for your gown!  Sometimes I will hear about a bride who just hangs her gown in her closet after the wedding and calls it a day.  It just makes me cringe!  No, ladies, you cannot do that! This is the most beautiful gown you will ever own, so please treat it as such!  Make sure you preserve your gown.  Sometimes brides think preservation is only necessary if you plan on passing the gown down someday.  But, that’s not the case.   Things will happen on your wedding day and spots and stains will occur.  Food, drinks, wine, grass stains, you name it.  Oh, yeah, and there probably will be a guest who decides to step on your gown too. Take the time to have your gown cleaned and preserved after the wedding.  This is your gown – the one you searched for, waited to have the right feeling with, and the one you wear on the most important day in your life.  Save it the way it’s supposed to be saved.  This gown represents you – your style, your emotion, your wedding day.  And if all that weren’t enough, I just learned that  for every dress that is cleaned at Dependable Cleaners, $3 is donated to, an organization leading the fight against global warming, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce & offset their carbon footprint and hasten the transition to a clean energy future.  Love it!

If you are ready to learn more, visit or visit their wedding department exclusively at their Milton location.


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