Get in Shape with Boston’s Bridal Bootcamp!


Ok, brides!  If you’ve been trying to work out more to get in shape for your wedding (or have at least been thinking about it), have I got an event for you! Grab your mom, future MIL, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends and of course, bridesmaids, and head to the Ultimate Bridal Bootcamp & Breakfast!

Boston’s Ultimate Bootcamp and Boston Marriott Longwharf have teamed up to do a special workout event for brides on Saturday, March 30th. And unlike other bootcamp programs, you get to bring your friends!  This is such a great way for you to spend a Saturday with your bridal party or just a chance to have some fun with some close pals before your big day.  The Ultimate Bridal Bootcamp & Breakfast starts out as kick-butt workout and then it’s followed by a healthy, light breakfast prepared by a super-talented Marriott’s chef.  So, basically, you get to spend a Saturday with your closest friends, have a fun workout, and have a great breakfast – what’s not to love?

Heading up the 60 minute workout will be Ultimate Bootcamp co-Founder Jill Tomich.  She’ll be focusing on all those areas that you’ll want to be have toned to be confident in your wedding gown – you know, the gown that you searched high and low for and want to look drop-dead gorgeous in?  Yeah, that one.  Plan to burn between 500-700 calories in just that one hour – isn’t that great?  She’ll also go over tips on toning “bridal trouble spots” such as biceps, back, and backside.

The workout will be held in Boston Marriott Long Wharf’s beautiful Harbor View Ballroom (and if you haven’t found your wedding venue yet, this is a great opportunity to scope out what the Marriott has to offer!)

Here are the details once again:

When:  Saturday, March 30 at 9 a.m. 

Where: Boston Marriott Long Wharf, Harbor View Ballroom, 296 State Street, Boston

Cost:     $25 includes bootcamp and breakfast

Register: Pre-registration is required. Register online at

If you love the event, and I have no doubt you will, you’ll also get discounts (available for your friends who join you on March 30th too!)  for Ultimate Bootcamp sessions to continue your wedding fitness.  And the fee from your Bridal Bootcamp can be applied to the purchase of a 4-week bootcamp!  So, it’s kinda like your class on March 30th will be free! There’s a ton of locations to choose from in and around Boston so check out the list here to find what location works best for you.

For more information and to register for this event, visit


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