Wedding Favor Friday!


I’m certainly a fan of edible wedding  favors so when I stumbled upon this New England Maple Coffee packet from Mass Bay Trading, I thought, “why not?”  What a great idea for a New England wedding favor!

Although this could be used any time of year, it really is a terrific favor for fall and winter weddings.  I know what you’re thinking – winter is finally ending and I’m thinking about next winter’s weddings?  But newly engaged brides may be planning fall and winter weddings, so why not?  Maple flavored coffee is a perfect complement to breakfast, don’t you think?  I want to have pancakes just thinking about this coffee!  And I know that is it is delicious – in fact, it’s made up of the top 6% of beans out there.  Love it!

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or not, chances are your guests are, so they are going to love this.  It’s going to be a wonderful take-away gift from your special day and when they get back home and make it, it will bring them right back to your wedding day.

The coffee packets are 1.75 oz. and retail for $3.50 each.

For more information, visit Mass Bay Trading online.


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