Wedding Gown Wednesday!


If you are one of those brides who has been dreaming of your wedding since the age of 5 (it’s ok to admit it – I was too!), then chances are, part of your dream was to wear a beautiful Vera Wang bridal gown.  Let’s face it – shopping for a gown at Vera Wang is kinda like shopping for your gown at the mother ship.  If anyone knows bridal style, elegance, and grace, it’s Vera Wang.  And to have a coveted Vera Wang gown would make any bride so proud and feel so confident on her wedding day.  I remember trying on a few Vera Wang gowns when I was bridal shopping and I felt so special and I couldn’t believe I actually had one on!  Me!  If Twitter had been big back then, I would be have been tweeting it to the world while I was in the dressing room.  I didn’t want to take the dresses off and was secretly hoping the sales associate would just let me prance around the boutique with it on.

The bottom line is Vera Wang gowns are simply stunning.  That’s why I am thrilled to tell you that (my favorite store) Nordstom has teamed up with Vera Wang to bring a gorgeous bridal collection to you!  I know!  So exciting, right?  And let me tell how awesome this collection is.  In true Vera Wang style, it’s made up of beautiful gowns with gorgeous draping, gowns of color (which have become SO popular right now), and a wonderful mixture of classic and modern lines.

I wanted to tell you about one particular gown that caught my attention.  Take a look at the Tiered Mermaid Gown.  I really love this dress because the strapless part goes straight across.  And if you’re like me and don’t want to “show too much” on top,  a line that goes straight across on top works great.  And let me tell you, dresses that are do not have a sweetheart neckline are hard to find!  This gown is a mermaid shape, but because of the tiered layers of English net, tissue organza and satin-faced organza, it could almost pass as a slight A-line, which so many brides love.


If you love this gown as much as I do, it retails for just $3,350 and is available at Nordstrom Wedding Suites or by calling 1.888.300.1295.

(Photos courtesy of Nordstrom)


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