Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center

If there is one thing I have learned about wedding planning for Boston area brides is that most brides actually do not host their weddings in Boston proper!  Most couples are looking for wedding venues in the suburbs, sometimes close to home or family, and something unique with charm.  You might think that it’s difficult to find, but did you know all you had to do was look about 25 miles west of Boston and you will find a simply stunning hotel that can play host to your special day?  I love the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center.  Come on, ladies, you know the place I am talking about!  You have seen it driving on the Pike and probably have wondered, ‘what is THAT gorgeous building?’.  The Sheraton’s beautiful tudor-style architecture is a bride’s fairy tale come true.  And every bride should feel like a princess on their wedding day, so you might as well do it up right with a castle, don’t you think?

I had the pleasure to speak with Kristin Mazeika, Social Catering Manager with the Sheraton Framingham, about wedding opportunities and some of the latest trends she is seeing in 2013 weddings.  Here’s what she had to say:

Bridalista:  Can you tell me about the different function rooms that are available at Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center and their capacities?

Kristin:  Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center is an iconic hotel where old world charm meets contemporary comforts and exemplary service that offers a variety of enchanting spaces perfect for weddings and social gatherings.  There are a few different options for space depending on the couple’s preferences and accommodation needs.


(Photo courtesy of Sheraton Framingham Hotel)

Grand Ballroom: Our recently-updated traditional grand ballroom is complete with classic architectural detailing, 18-foot ceilings, imported Irish crystal chandeliers and a custom-laid wooden dance floor that can accommodate up to 550-seated guests.


(Photo courtesy of CathArine Morris Photography)

Commons Room: Our two commons rooms are adjacent to the Grand Ballroom and create an intimate reception area for weddings for up to 150 guests.

The Promenade: The Promenade, complete with cream-colored walls and intricate crown molding, is the perfect venue for a cocktail reception and is also a great option prior to entering in the Grand Ballroom.

Bridalista: Would it be possible to hold a wedding ceremony as well and then move into a reception?  If so, do they typically transform the same room or do brides usually book two rooms?

Kristin:  Absolutely!  We have the space and capabilities to host a wedding ceremony in one room and hold the reception in another. Typically, brides will book a Common Room for their ceremony and the Grand Ballroom for their reception, this way tables, chairs, place settings and the dance floor can be set up prior to the reception. We also do have an option to host outdoor wedding ceremonies during the lovely New England summer months.

Bridalista:  Do you offer any room discounts for the bride and groom for their wedding night?

Kristen:  We provide a complimentary suite for the bride and groom on the evening of their wedding.

Bridalista:  Do you offer any honeymoon hotel discounts for couples who marry at Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center?

Kristin:  Couples that book their wedding at Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center earn Starpoints, which can immediately be used to plan their honeymoon. The bride and groom earn one Starpoint for every $1 of their wedding contract, up to 100,000 Starpoints. Starpoints are awarded when couples sign a contract and can be used at more than 900 hotels and resorts worldwide.

Bridalista:  Do you offer room block discounts for guests?

Kristin:  Yes, our wedding specialists are able to set aside a group of rooms at a special rate just for friends and family.  Wedding guests can earn standard Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoint awards for their stay. And the wedding couple can earn 5,000 bonus Starpoints for every 10 guest rooms used!

Bridalista:  I see you offer wedding packages on your website.  Can you tailor packages to meet a couple’s needs?  If so, can you give me some examples?

Kristin:  Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center is proud to offer a variety of wedding packages allowing for a truly customized event plan ranging from small, intimate affairs to extravagant, grand celebrations. The team utilizes a strong network of preferred partners that assist with every aspect of the planning process, from floral arrangements to music selection and limousine service.

Bridalista:  Are there spots within the hotel grounds that offer great backdrops for wedding photos?

Kristin:  Yes!  Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center is known for our dramatic castle- inspired architecture. Couples enjoy using the hotel as a background for elegant pictures with the wedding party, family and friends.


(Photo courtesy of CathArine Morris Photography)

Bridalista:  What is your experience with cultural weddings?

Kristin:  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of facilitating and hosting a wide range of cultural weddings – including Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and other eastern and western cultures. In addition to hosting the wedding ceremony, we have also assisted with on-site baraat ceremonies.

Bridalista:  Are you able to suggest local reputable vendors for couples to work with?  Such as florists, photographers, videographers, etc.?

Kristin:  Yes, we have a list of  Wedding Professionals that we have worked with directly in the past. In  order to make our list of preferred vendors, we must assure that the quality of the Wedding Professional is as high as the quality of service we provide here at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center.

Bridalista:  Is there a staff member on site the day of the wedding for the entire duration of the event to act as a coordinator?

Kristin:  Yes, we want to assure brides that their day is meant to be about them and not about sweating the little things!  Leave that to us!  We always have a member of our wedding team on-site to assist in every aspect of every step of the wedding process.


(Photo courtesy of CathArine Morris Photography)

Bridalista:  Are couples allowed to have welcome bags delivered to guests staying at the hotel and bathroom baskets?

Kristin:  Yes, we are more than willing to allow brides to have welcoming wedding gifts for friends and family and are happy to help deliver and set up the gifts in each room.

Bridalista:  What are some restrictions that couples should be aware of?  Such as entertainment, the use of candles, etc.

Kristin:  Something all brides should be aware of is the importance of having any entertainment properly  insured.  This is something we do  require to make sure guests’ safety is met while they are enjoying their day at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center.  For our weddings we do provide votive  candles on the tables and allow the bride and groom to bring in floating  candles as part of centerpieces or anything contained.  We understand some ceremonies do require a small fire and that is allowed with the fire marshal approval. The most important thing to do is ask any questions when it comes to entertainment or décor so nothing will be a surprise closer to the day of your wedding!


(Photo courtesy of CathArine Morris Photography)

Bridalista:  Can you tell me about any trends you are seeing this year in weddings?

Kristin:  Brides are using wild flowers that offer different colors and textures for centerpieces and boutiques rather than traditional flowers.  Also, the use of moss and bark help create the shabby chic look…we have seen more and more birch trees being incorporated. Finally, brides and grooms are showcasing family history in creative ways by sharing pictures of their parents and grandparents’ weddings. Whether through hanging the images on trees {i.e. family tree} or framed, the personal family history is portrayed for all guests to see.


(Photo courtesy of CathArine Morris Photography)

Bridalista:  Is there anything else you would like to mention about the hotel?

Kristin:  Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center is great wedding destination for all couples no matter what type of wedding. Large or small, traditional or non-traditional, we have the staff, tools, space and capabilities to make any brides’ dream come true.


(Photo courtesy of Sheraton Framingham Hotel)

For more information on the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference, visit them online here or contact Kristin directly at


CathArine Morris Photography can be found on Facebook.


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