Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Bliss & Bone

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When I began planning my wedding, I knew I wanted to make an impression.  I wanted our invited guests to get the “wow” factor the minute they opened up their invitations.  You know what I mean!  Think about when you receive wedding invitations in the mail.  If you receive an invite that sets itself apart from the others, you know it is going to be a great wedding.  A wedding where every detail is meticulously crafted.  A wedding that is far from cookie-cutter, but rather one with subtle unique touches that only a wedding diva like yourself would notice.   A wedding that people talk about years later.  And what’s the best way to kick things off right? Perfect invitations.

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Invitations really do set the tone for your wedding.  Sure, they can tell your guests your wedding color scheme, whether your wedding is formal or casual, and provide all the necessary details of the event.  But truly beautiful invitations say a lot more.  They are a reflection of your personal style, your wedding style, the importance of paper quality to you (trust me, that is SO important!) and simply kick off your wedding in the best way possible.

Effloresce Group

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If you have been having a tough time finding the perfect invitation design company, you can relax.   I found them!  Phew!  That’s a load off your shoulders, isn’t it?  Let me introduce you to a fab new wedding stationery company that’s gotten all of us in the wedding biz talking.  Brides, say hello to Bliss & Bone.  Bliss & Bone is a luxury wedding invitation company that I have been drawn since the minute I have heard of them.  Why?  Their designs and quality. There are so many unique things about Bliss and Bone but what I LOVE is that they have designed a certain number of wedding stationery collections that are only available for a certain amount of time.  That means they are constantly coming up with beautiful, new designs to meet brides’ needs.  That also means that if you love something, you better act on it quick before it’s gone!

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(Lucent Collection)

Bliss & Bone offers more than just wedding invitations.  They offer collections, which include all the paper products a bride would ever need for her wedding.  Just to give you an idea, a collection could include the invitations themselves, save the dates, a website, logo, inspiration board (yes, you can have your own inspiration board!), and a style guide.

Prana Group

(Prana Collection)

I was so intrigued by Bliss & Bone and all they have to offer, I just had to talk to them!  I wanted to get the scoop for you, because I really think they’re an awesome company you should check out.  I had the privilege of speaking with Cindy Phillips Skanderup, designer and creator of Bliss & Bone.  She made some time out of her super-busy design schedule just to talk to her growing Boston-area fan base.  Here’s what she had to say:

Bridalista:  Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you became interested in design?

Cindy:  I have been creatively inclined for as long as I can remember. From being a ballet dancer to making my own clothes it only made sense to go to art school once college came around. I graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design, moved to NYC and pursued a career working for companies such as Ralph Lauren and Tracy Reese. I decided to make a switch to graphic design and spent the next four years as an art director with an ad agency. Soon thereafter I moved across the country to Los Angeles and began my own design firm C-Arte, taking on everything from logos and billboards to websites and t-shirts.

Bridalista:  What made you decide to start Bliss and Bone?

Cindy:  Bliss & Bone came to be through the planning of our own wedding. We were taken aback by the lack of high quality and unique designs that were readily available. Let’s face it, it’s us women who handle most of the planning and now we’re getting married later in life, we have careers, we travel, we’re social, we take care of ourselves. Who has time to plan out every little tiny detail even though we want every little tiny detail perfectly planned for our big day? B&B not only provides a luxury product that is fresh and relevant with each season, but it appeals to the modern couple and their desire for something different.

Bridalista:  I love that your collections are only available for a certain amount of time!  I think that is very different and unique and gives couple’s the feel that they are choosing a once in a lifetime design – that if they love it, they should get it now before it’s too late!  What made you decide this would be the best avenue to take as far as your product offerings go?

Cindy:  Thank you! We love this aspect of our platform too! It was very important to us that we cater to the originality and uniqueness of each couple. We wanted to ensure that they felt special on their big day and part of this is about exclusivity. The fact that a friend getting married next year can not get the same invites is something we all might not want to admit is important to us, but let’s face it, we want it to be our own.

This platform also speaks to our fashion forward approach to design. Through significant trend research we pick out colors, patterns, fabrics, you name it, and make sure that our collections reflect what’s going on in the fashion, art and interior industries around us. We want to make sure that the collections are relevant not only at the time of purchase but also at the wedding day.

Bridalista:  How many “foundations” will be available at any one given time?

Cindy:  Currently we offer 6 different collections, each with it’s particular Foundation. As we grow we hope that our offerings will expand as well. Within these 6 Collections, 3 are available for color customization allowing anyone of our 147 colors to be selected. We also provide a white glove service for our customers and will make necessary tweaks and changes to assure that they are getting exactly what they want!

Aside from the predesigned collections, Bliss & Bone offers completely custom packages as well.

Bridalista:  What is included in a foundation?  Why do you feel these are all necessary items a couple needs to complete their wedding “stationery”?

The Foundation includes the basics for any modern couple: Save-the-Date, Invitation Suite, Wedding Website, Inspiration Board and Style Guide.

The first three items listed are the must haves for a successful event and offering them in one bundle not only helps to simplify the decision process by keeping everything in one place but it allows for complete continuity from your physical event to the digital world.

The Inspiration Board and Style Guide are planning tools that can be used in vendor communications. Present these to your florist or rental company to again enforce the continuity across your entire event.

After purchasing the basics, the couple can then add on a la carte with the Essentials and Frills to really round out and elaborate upon their theme.

Bridalista:  Once an order is placed, how long does it take to receive the items?

Cindy:  Since multiple pieces are ordered with the initial Foundation purchase the delivery times are dependent upon the schedule of the couple and their wedding date. The Website is available immediately, while the Inspiration Board and Style Guide are shipped within the first week.

All other items ship within 2 weeks from proof approval.

Bridalista:  Are there any ways a couple can personalize or customize a foundation?

Cindy:  Yes! Not only can they choose from 147 in our Custom Chroma Library but we are open to always working with what the couple wants and making necessary tweaks. If they want something completely their own from scratch, we can do that too!

Bridalista:  What trends are you seeing couple’s looking for this year when it comes to wedding stationery?

Cindy:  Here are some trends I’ve outlined for the upcoming season and how Bliss & Bone has addressed them.

IN THE BUFF Neutral is everything but blah. Blacks, whites, creams, greys and taupes combine to bring sophistication and dimension to any situation. For invitations in particular, a neutral color palette sets the stage for soft, classic and romantic, while allowing greater play with materials, textures, printing techniques and patterns. Unusual elements combine, and creativity soars with the endless options of neutral. The Bliss & Bone Signature Collection combines leather, parchment, cotton and copper for an experience that engages all of the senses.

PASTEL GETS A PUNCH The pastel hues of the past have gotten a swift kick in the you know what. More punchy colors like mint, coral, salmon and yellow are all the rage. This means that invitations get to step it up a notch and get their flare on. Ink washes, florals that pop and graphic patterns are just a few ways that we see invites getting some hop back in their step. With the Bliss & Bone Custom Chroma Library every Bride is assured to find their perfect hue, and with several collections to choose from, you’ll never see them coming.

NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S CHINA Long dining tables, silver flatware, and plated dinners are being served up hot. Guests get the Red Carpet treatment from start to finish and that begins with the Save-the-Date. Paper goods go beyond the pulp and turn up their noses to anything less.  To keep up with the Jones’, Bliss & Bone offers delicacies like acrylic and silk chiffon to the invitation menu. Getting married in the lap of luxury is just one white gloved arm length away.

PRECIOUS METALS More shine, more shimmer, more glam and more glitz are all the rage. Gleaming gold, silver and copper metallics bounce off surfaces throughout the Wedding spectrum. From glittering linens to gold dusted desserts, invitations are all but cast in bronze. The Bliss & Bone Reverence Collection, with it’s foil stamped splatters and metallic leather cord will render even Miss Hannigan speechless, ensuring that your Wedding shine like the top of the Chrysler building.

LET THERE BE LIGHT Chandeliers are back in full swing. From ballrooms to barns, the more crystal the better. Light flickers about the room, and dances with guests, as each facet casts a romantic glow matching that of the Bride herself. Light crawls and seeps into invitations with their translucent materials and cutting edge techniques.  Laser cut text, silk chiffon and pearlescent foil will leave you basking in the glory of the Bliss & Bone Lucent Collection.

BARRELS AND BOURBON Ditch the stuffy tux and bubbly, hold onto your suspenders and raise your Manhattan to the Bride & Groom. Because old habits die hard, backyard bashes are headed for the 20’s, and bringing the speakeasy above ground. Get your swank on between croquet swings and order your liquor up neat as you take in the woodsy decor. Start practicing the Charleston because Letterpress invitations with hand-made details are back. Stamped linen, stitched wood veneer and type from a good old-fashioned press as found in the Bliss & Bone Prana Collection, will have you shining up those wing tips months in advance.

Bridalista:  What advice do you have for couples who are recently engaged and are about to start the wedding planning process?

Cindy:  Enjoy it! Every minute, the impression DOES START NOW. Put stress aside because the day is going to be perfect no matter what. Also, make it about YOU. Do away with conventions and put yourself into every incredible moment.

To learn more about Bliss & Bone and to browse their gorgeous collection, visit them online:





Reverence Group

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