Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Joya Beauty

Ok, ladies, if you have purchased your bridal gown, congrats!  It’s exciting and also a huge pressure off your wedding planning.  But you’re not off the hook yet!  The one thing that will complete your bridal look is your bridal make-up.  I can’t tell you how important it is.  Having a seasoned beauty pro handle your make-up on your wedding day is simply essential.  Let’s face it – you are hiring wedding professionals for every aspect of your wedding and the most important person of the day – you! – should not be forgotten.  Sure, you have done your own make-up for years and in a way, you may think you know your skin best.  But the truth is, your wedding day is different and your make-up should be as well, even if you are going for a more natural look.  The products professionals use, coupled with their knowledge of skin care and make-up and how the weather on your wedding day can affect your look, are so important.  And to top things off, every bride should be pampered on her wedding day!  So, take my advice – sit back, try to relax, and have your make-up professionally done.

Now that I have convinced you, I’ll make your research on finding the perfect make-up pro that much easier.  If you haven’t heard of Joya Beauty, I am excited to be the one to tell you all about this fab company.  Joya Beauty of Dover, NH and talented owned Joanne has become THE go to beauty source for weddings in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  She’s an on-location pro, which means she will come to you, wherever you are getting ready on your wedding day, to doll you all up.  It doesn’t matter what sort of “look” you are going for – whether it’s natural, sophisticated, or all out Hollywood glam, Joanne can do it all.  She has trained with the best of the best all over the country.  She doesn’t just apply make-up – she’s a true make-up artist – and I think every brides deserves that sort of treatment on her wedding day, don’t you?

073- Leah Haydock Photography - Seacoast Weddings

(Leah Haydock Photography)

I had the privilege of speaking to Joanne one – on -one about her background, services, and trends she is seeing in the industry.  Here’s what she had to say:

Bridalista:  Tell me about your professional background.  How did you become interested in skin care and beauty?

Joanne:  I realized that I could make being a free-lance makeup artist my second career about the time that my friends were making the leap to the next VP level up the corporate ladder.  I decided to go for it make the next 50 years of my life fun and making new friends. First step – I went to NYC every weekend during one summer and studied with a journeyed makeup artist who had a training center in NY on weekends and then went back to LA to work on movie sets during the week.  It was perfect for my schedule. She taught me all the fundamentals of makeup application and exposed me to products that are only available to working makeup artists.  That way I got to see what field I wanted to focus my skills in.   I found that I love doing beauty makeup for fashion editorials, advertising campaigns etc. and also every day women who want to look their best in the least amount of time! Then I came back to train with a master makeup artist in Boston while I was getting my esthetic licenses at Catherine Hinds.    He introduced me to “corrective” makeup techniques. I found a new passion in helping people who may have suffered a disfigurement in an accident or in treatment etc. as a way to “give back” to others. I have my esthetic licenses in NH, ME and MA and continue to participate in advanced skin care education sessions.  I also go into Boston and NY a couple of times a year to assist working makeup artists who are outstanding in our field to stay current with makeup techniques and products.

Bridalista:  What led you to open your own business, Joya Beauty?

Joanne:  After having spent so much of my corporate life in an office I knew I wanted to have a place of my own where I could really impact the “feel” of my space, services and products.  I named my  business Joya Beauty. “Joya” is something that my family used to call someone when they walked in the house. They would say, “Hello, Joya,” and I knew that it always made me feel welcome, warm and loved.

Julie Russell Photography

(Julia Russell Wedding Photographer)

Bridalista:  Why should a bride hire a make-up professional for their wedding day?

Joanne:  There’s an expression, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.  In a far more personal way, that holds true for your wedding day.  Your photographs will be the memories of that day forever. At Joya Beauty, every bride is unique, My hope is to have you and your party looking radiant through the laughter, tears, kisses, and pictures!  Here’s some things to keep in mind as you plan your wedding day makeup. Rain, heat and humidity all affect how makeup not only lasts throughout your event but also how it needs to be applied.  Cream products such as eyeliners, eye shadows, blushes, lip pencils, and lipsticks all have melting points.  They will crease, run and smudge before you can say “I do”.  Choose powders for eyes and cheeks as well as the new long lasting formulas for eye liners and lip products to make sure you look as fresh at the end of your reception as you did for the pre-ceremony photos. Talk to your make-up artist.  Use photos to make sure your makeup artist knows exactly what you mean by “natural”, “dramatic”, “smoky” etc.  Search the internet to find photos of what you like, and don’t like. What you see is what you get, especially with digital photography. Cameras, lighting and makeup products have all become more sophisticated. Photo quality and detail is so precise that your makeup must be clean, color correct, meticulously blended, and lightweight yet still offer the coverage needed to make your skin look natural and feel great.  A good professional makeup artist will help you every step of the way.   Make sure your makeup artist is willing to listen and work with you.  It’s your day. You deserve to look as beautiful as you feel.

Bridalista:  Tell me about the process from when a bride contacts you to the actual wedding day.  What happens in between?  What happens in the consultation?

Joanne:  Brides can contact me through my website, email, and by phone.  We have a chat about their wedding day vision and how I can make that a reality.  They submit a deposit for the date and I send them a signed confirmation of services which they also sign and send back. I keep very close contact with my brides throughout the process by sending them tips etc. and just reassuring them that I am only a phone call or email away.  Many come for skin care and brow shaping services as well.  We set a date for a makeup design appointment that usually lasts about 90 minutes.  I want them to “love” how they look and feel before they leave my studio.  Then I document everything we did and the products used on a face chart.  I pack their bag with blotting papers, lip products and lashes.  That is the time to try out a trendy look or different false eyelash styles.  Not just for the look but for how it all feels.  I don’t want them fussing with their makeup all through the event.  We also try to pick a time when the light will be similar to the time they are going to be photographed pre-ceremony.  I have them look at themselves in all different lights especially outdoors.    I put together a schedule of appointments for the bridal party so that everyone knows what time they are having their makeup done.  This all makes for a very stress free and fun time for the ladies.  I also want to be sure that they are finished on time for the photographer.

Kristen Spencer

(Kristin Spencer Photography)

Bridalista:  Sometimes, a bride may have a tattoo she would like to try and cover up for her wedding day. Is that a service that you offer?

Joanne:  I do offer tattoo cover up as well as all the other corrective types of makeup that may be needed for the day…birth markes, scars, bruises, scratches, tan lines are just a few others.

Bridalista:  How much time does it take to do a full “bridal make-up application”?

Joanne:  I like to have at least a half hour with each person and an hour for the bride.  Not that it takes that long to apply makeup but there are always interruptions and you need to have some flexibility in the timeline.

Bridalista:  When a bride hires Joya Beauty for her wedding day, is it you who handles her make-up or another staff member?

Joanne:  I am a sole proprietor and when a bride hires Joya beauty she gets me from start to finish.  I stay with her until her dress is on and give her final touch-up so she is picture perfect.  This is a very intimate service on a very important day.

William Tangorra

(William Tangorra Photography)

Bridalista:  Do you handle make-up applications for entire bridal parties and mothers of the bride and groom?  If so, what is the estimate of time involved for each person (other than the bride) and how many staff are on hand?

Joanne:  I do attend to the entire bridal party.  As long as there is enough time so no one is rushed I prefer it that way.  However, if the party is so large (greater than 10-12 people) then I can arrange to bring another makeup artist to attend to some of the bridal party.  I always attend to the bride, MOB, MOH, MOG and family members.

Bridalista:  Should a bride come to a consultation with photos of bridal looks she wants to achieve or do you prefer to make recommendations to her based on her skin, skin tone, coloring, and her wedding dress style?

Joanne:  It is helpful to have a visual image for their inspiration.  Also, this helps us establish what they mean by natural, dramatic, nude lip etc.  It is also helpful to see photos of what they don’t like!  Then we have a discussion about what photographs well, color choices for their palette, dresses, flowers etc.

Brea MacDonald photography

(Brea McDonald Photography)

Bridalista:  Are there any trends you are seeing brides want when it comes to beauty on their wedding day?

Joanne:  Every year there is a popular celebrity look as seen on the red carpet that brides will want to emulate.  I try to use it as inspiration and adapt it to their skin tone and facial features.

Bridalista:  Any other information you would like to share?

Joanne:  It is really important to establish a relationship with the person who is going to be providing this very personal and intimate service for your wedding day.  Budgets are important too however be cautious about hiring based on price alone.  I get many phone calls every Spring from ladies whose makeup artists are no longer working at the salon they hired them from, or the counter that they met them at.  You want to be sure you makeup artist holds the appropriate license and is insured.  Be sure to let your makeup artist know if you have any allergies or sensitivities to ingredients or scents.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is an allergic reaction.    Make sure they are using a clean set of brushes on each member of the part and disposable wands for mascara and lips.

Cheryl Richards

(Cheryl Richards Photographer)

For more information on Joya Beauty and Joanne’s wonderfully talented wedding services, contact her at:


Phone:  603.534.3412




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