Wedding Gown Wednesday!

Davids Bridal 1

(Photo courtesy of David’s Bridal)

In the sea of off-white strapless bridal gowns, it can sometimes feel impossible for a bride to find a dress that isn’t so cookie-cutter.  This season, I am happy to say there are two trends that I just love that will give you that fab bridal feeling you are looking for while still being a little unique.  Say hello (again) to straps and ombre!

If you have looked for a bridal gown in the past few years, you know that finding a gown with straps can be close to impossible.  Sure, sometimes, you can have them added on, but that can often seem like it ruins the natural flow of the dress.  Plus, I keep hearing more and more brides who want to be a little more “covered up” for a religious ceremony and then perhaps wear a second “reception gown” afterwards.  And let’s face it – wearing a bridal gown with straps gives you one less thing to worry about the entire wedding day – the fear of your dress slipping down.  It doesn’t happen too often, but it can.  Depending on the material, a strapless dress can often wear a little and loosen around the chest area.  Not something you want to worry about on your day!!!

And ombre, gosh do I love it!  You see it everywhere this season – wedding cakes, invitations, and now, thankfully, bridal gowns.  If you aren’t familiar with ombre patterns, it basically means a gradual fading or darkening of a color to make a gorgeous, dramatic effect.

And this stunning, show-stopper of a wedding gown by White  by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal has it all.  It’s sheer straps add the support a wedding gown needs, yet they are subtle enough to be, dare I say, sexy? Yes, I dared and I just said it. And the blush ombre pattern takes this traditional gown to a whole new level. The gown has it all – soft tulle pick-ups, sheer straps, a touch of color, a little bling at the waist, and of course, romance.  This dress is perfect for just about any wedding setting – a ballroom, seaside, country club, or an outdoor affair.

And if all that isn’t enough, the gown is available for only $1148.00-$1348.00, depending on the shade selected.  Solid Ivory for $1,148, Ballet/Ivory Ombre, and Stone/Ivory Ombre for $1,348.

For more information on this gown and finding the perfect accessories, visit



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