Barn Weddings Book Launch and Giveaway!

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(Photo by Brooke Boling)

Boston brides have been crushing on one particular wedding theme this year – barn weddings!  And it’s no wonder – who doesn’t love a barn affair?  Barn weddings can take on a meaning of their own, depending on what the bride loves. They can be rustic, vintage, farm, backyard, you name it.  But no matter the décor, there’s one thing all brides (and wedding guests!) can agree on – a barn wedding is simply romantic.

I’m hardly the expert on this growing trend, so I decided to find someone who is.  I wanted to find the best source for barn weddings not only in the Greater Boston area, but all of New England.  Where would a bride who is considering a barn wedding turn to?  And then I found it – the one-stop shop of all things barn weddings, the mecca, if you will, at

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(Photo by Kristyn Hogan) is the brainchild of super-talented Maggie Lord.  Personally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of the website because it really conveys that rustic weddings can be and are chic!  Maggie created the site back in 2009 (how in the world did she know how popular rustic weddings would become?)  and has a loyal following of brides to be, former brides, wedding planners, and those that are simply wedding-obsessed (yes, I am referring to myself!).

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(Photo by Miles Witt Boyer)

Somehow, in her super-busy schedule of keeping up with all the latest wedding trends and sharing them with her readers, Maggie has found the time to write her new book, Barn Weddings.  This book is not only educational with all the wonderful tips and tricks for brides looking to plan a barn wedding (or perhaps simply incorporating some barn elements into her wedding) but the book is absolutely gorgeous!  The photos are simply exquisite – the type of photos that make you feel you were a guest at the weddings featured because the weddings look so beautiful.  And of course, the book exemplifies what it means to have a chic, rustic wedding.

And, here’s an event you don’t want to miss!  Maggie is actually holding a book signing not too far from the Boston area!  Meet her in person in Milford, NH on September 21st!  Check out the details here.  And!  Maggie has also offered a signed copy of Barn Weddings to one lucky Bridalista reader!  (Trust me, you definitely want a copy of this!)  All you have to do is comment below this post by October 31, 2013 and tell me why you love barn and rustic weddings (leave your email address too so I can get in touch with you if you win!)  Simple enough, right?  One winner will be selected at random.

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(Photo by Kristyn Hogan)

I had the privilege to speak one on one with Maggie – about the book and also about wedding trends in general.  Here’s what she had to say:

Bridalista:  How did you become interested in weddings?  Tell me a little bit about your professional background and what eventually led you to launch

Maggie:  I have always loved weddings, I have always just found the beauty and elegance of a wedding something that captured all my interest and creativity. I started Rustic Wedding Chic in 2008 when I was engaged and was planning a very rustic yet very elegant wedding in the small town in Wisconsin where my family has a summer home. I was looking for ideas online and I was coming up empty handed so I decided that if I could not find ideas and inspiration for a rustic wedding then I should be the one to do it. I wanted to share with other brides who were planning a rustic and country style wedding ideas, advice and inspiration along with venue and vendor ideas. In 2012, we launched our Rustic Wedding Guide which is the ultimate curated list of the best rustic and country wedding venues and vendors.

Bridalista:  I’ve been noticing more and more New England brides steering away from so-called “traditional” weddings to ones with more rustic, country, barn and farm elements. Why do you think this is the case? Why have rustic weddings become so popular?

Maggie:  There are several reasons why I think so many brides are moving away from the “traditional” style wedding and moving towards something more unique. One thing I have learned is that the word “rustic” is really just an umbrella term for several different wedding styles. Anyone looking to have a backyard, vintage, outdoor, country, vineyard wedding seem to use the word “rustic” to describe it. The second reason is due to large number of rustic style venues that have seemed to pop up over the last few years. From barns and gardens to ranches, old factories and vineyards, it seems like with so many fun venues spaces out there the brides have followed.

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(Photo by Kristyn Hogan)

Bridalista:  What are some of the most sought-after rustic wedding trends you have seen this year?

Maggie:  For many years the Mason Jar trend was huge in rustic weddings and while still popular we are seeing couples move this trend to something a little different. The new trend is to use a variety of mixed style vases for the wedding tables and even mix up the flowers in them. It seems the less things match the better. Another trend which I love is the idea of offering a wide variety of unique glasses for guests to use at the wedding and then they double as the wedding favor. One bride and groom I know collected interesting glasses for the entire year they were engaged from thrift stores to going out of business sales and in the end all 200 of their guests had a great glass to drink from for the wedding and got to take it home.

Bridalista:  What do you foresee as some up and coming rustic elements for next year?

Maggie:  I think building on the popularity of birch being used in weddings I see the trend moving towards a faux bois look. I have seen some interesting wood grain style wedding invitations pop up and even some craved wood vases start to make their mark on the rustic wedding world. I would start to pay attention to wood being the next design element for rustic weddings.

Bridalista:  Tell me about your new book about to be released, Barn Weddings. What was your inspiration and why did you feel brides needed this resource?

Maggie:  After writing my first book, Rustic Wedding Chic I decided that I wanted to put out a book that captured the most popular style of rustic weddings. It seems I receive endless amounts of emails from couples asking for advice for their barn wedding, looking for decoration ideas or just a note to say how much they love our real barn weddings on the blog. I felt really strongly that if I was going to tackle one particular wedding style it should be the barn wedding. Barn weddings are not a new style wedding, lets face it , brides in rural locations have been turning to the barn as their wedding venue for decades just out of lack of other choices. It was not until about 10 years ago that brides all over the country from urban to rural places wanted to host a barn wedding. A barn is a truly magical place for a wedding and I think so many couples decide to host their wedding in a barn due to the fact that they want to host a chic affair in unique and beautiful location.

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(Photo by Miles Witt Boyer)

Bridalista:  Are there any special New England, or specifically, Massachusetts area barn venues that are favorites of yours and why?

Maggie:  I live in CT so I know the New England and Massachusetts barn locations well. We have complete listings for all states on our Rustic Wedding Guide ( but a few of my favorites are:

The Barn At Hardy Farm – Maine
Smith Barn – Massachusetts
The Barn Gibbet Hill – Massachusetts
Alerin Barn – Vermont
Round Barn Farm – Vermont

Bridalista:  If a bride is interested in hosting a barn wedding, what 5 things should she be looking for when selecting her event space?

Maggie:  Selecting a venue is sometimes harder than you think. I would seriously consider these five questions for when looking at a barn location:
1. How many people does it hold?
2. Are there restrictions on decorations, candles?
3. Is there space to hold both the ceremony and reception?
4. Do round tables fit in the location or are long tables better?
5. Is the venue a full service venue or not?

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(Photo by Brooke Boling)

Bridalista:  Are there any misconceptions of barn weddings that you would love to clear up for brides who are unsure of this type of wedding?

Maggie:  That a barn wedding has to be super country. A barn wedding can be elegant and formal and just because it is in a barn does not mean it has to be country.

Bridalista:  Any words of wisdom for Boston brides?

Maggie:  There are way more barns around the Boston area than a bride might think. Visit our Rustic Wedding Guide ( for listings and enjoy looking at the more unique venues spaces out there.

Bridalista:  Anything else you would like to share?

Maggie:  Brides should consider contacting venues and asking about the venues they have – some museums and historical societies have barn venues but they are not advertised so it always helps to call or checkout their website.

Don’t forget to comment below on why you love barn and rustic weddings (and your email address!) for your chance to win a signed copy of Maggie Lord’s Barn Weddings!

For more information on Maggie Lord and planning your barn wedding, visit Barn Weddings can be purchased here.

*Photo reprinted with permission from Gibbs Smith, publisher.



  1. Kelly Hughes says:

    I love the rustic elegance of a renovated barn! I am getting married at a beautiful renovated barn in my fiance’s hometown on Arkansas next August ( and I live on the property of a gorgeous venue in Georgia ( that I help run. I’m kind of obsessed!

  2. Hi Kelly! Sunset Ridge looks absolutely beautiful! Good luck with your planning!

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