Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight – Rachael Lynsey Rubin Makeup – Hair – Photography


One of my favorite things about being a wedding blogger is meeting Boston wedding vendors and being able to tell you all about them – so you don’t have to do the legwork.  At the end of the day, my goal is to find the most talented vendors in the area so you can enjoy the wedding planning process and avoid any stress if possible!  So when I heard about Rachael Lynsey Rubin’s photography and make-up artistry, I just had to tell you about her!


I was introduced to Rachael through a previous post I had written this summer about fab Boston-area bridal salon, VOWS Bridal Outlet (just can’t get enough of that place!).  Turns out, Rachel photographed the online lookbook for VOWS and handled the models’ makeup and hair as well.  Yeah, I know, impressive, right?  If that weren’t enough, Rachael was also the talent behind the make-up and hair for TLC’s hit show I Found The Gown (based on VOWS Bridal Outlet).  She’s also credited with some really fabulous work for NYC’s Fashion Week and celebs from Survivor and America’s Next Top Model (when does she find the time?).


What I love about Rachael is that she knows bridal.  She lives and breathes it for VOWS, so what about for the every day Boston bride?  Yes!  She handles bridal make-up and engagement, boudoir, and wedding photography for Boston area brides. And it’s no secret – boudoir sessions are increasing in popularity because not only does it give brides the chance to get all dolled up and have fun in front of a camera, but boudoir photos make for a pretty cool gift for your fiancé.  You can see her wonderful engagement and wedding photos online and some of her boudoir clients as well.  I don’t know about you, but I was blown away by some of those engagement shots.  They honestly look as if those couples were right out of the pages of a bridal mag!  These are engagement photos taken to the next level.  And check out her before and after make-up shots.  Any bride would love to work with her!


I recently had the chance to speak with Rachael about her background, how she became involved in hair, makeup and photography, and about the trends she is seeing in the wedding industry.  Here’s what she had to say:

1. Tell me about your professional background. How did you become interested in make up and photography? What led you to open your own business?

I have always had a profound love and understanding of makeup. Since the age of 11, I have been obsessed with the idea of the “makeover”. I loved using makeup to transform a woman’s face and make her feel beautiful; it was so gratifying and fulfilling even from a young age. I would babysit and run straight to Sephora with my earnings; I collected information on products and techniques by talking to artists and practicing. I used to do makeup for my friends and family constantly, which helped me gain a tremendous amount of experience.

I went to Hofstra University for business management. My friends in college were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful; I loved to do their makeup. One night during a snowstorm, in my junior year of college, I was relaxing in my dorm with two of my friends. I had noticed one of my friend’s boyfriends left his professional camera accidentally, which sparked my imagination. I said to my friends, “I am going to do your makeup and you guys are going to put these leotards on and stand in the blizzard and I am going to photograph you!” I had no idea what I was doing but inside something had clicked for me. I had posted the photos on social media and began to have a tremendous amount of requests for photo shoots and makeup applications! Quite literally from this point on, my business was born.

I started to create a portfolio using my beautiful friends. Because of this portfolio, a NYC celebrity stylist, Alexa Winner, had hired to be to be apart of her team. It was with Alexa I gained a lot of experience with celebrities, high-pressure situations and began to understand the art of business. A year later I moved to Boston to be closer to my family. I have been in business 4 years since the night of that snowstorm.


2. Why should a bride hire a make-up professional for her wedding day? Do you travel to the wedding site? What is your travel distance from Boston?

Wedding days are something we all dream of and fantasize about. Whether the wedding is big or small, all eyes are on the bride. When women feel beautiful we exude confidence, this makes us glow. What better day to glow and feel amazing then on your wedding day? Your partner should look at you on this day and see the best version of you.

I travel to the wedding site but also have a studio in Framingham. I have traveled as far as New Jersey for a wedding from Boston.


3. Would you ever be able to do a bride’s make up and then photograph her wedding?

I have done makeup and photography for multiple weddings. It is a busy day for me but can be done! For weddings my most popular services are makeup artistry, boudoir photography, and engagement photography; I will shoot occasional weddings by request.


4. Tell me about the process from when a bride contacts you to the actual wedding day. What happens in between? What happens in the consultation?

Here’s how it works… I generally receive an email from a bride about her date a year before her wedding. We then proceed to set up a time for a trial in my studio. During my trial I ask my bride many questions about their daily makeup routine and about specific requests they may have. After communicating, we do a makeup trial session and I write down the products used and photograph the look. About a month before the wedding we set a time schedule for the day of to keep everything stress free and calm.

When it comes to my photo shoots the process is similar except there is no trial. There is however still an interview process for me to understand my clients specific wants and needs so I can ensure ultimate happiness.


5. How much time does it take to do a full “bridal make-up application”?

A full bridal makeup application takes me roughly 45 minutes to an hour depending on the application.

6. When a bride hires your company for her wedding day make up, is it you who handles her make-up or another staff member?

When a bride hires me, it is ALWAYS me that she gets. A bride looks through my portfolio and wants the results she see’s in the photos. I am my business, therefore, I would never send out another artist to do my work. I believe my services are unique, as should any artist. I do not believe many people can do what I do; I am extremely confident in my skill and talents.

7. Do you handle make-up applications for entire bridal parties and mothers of the bride and groom? If so, what is the estimate of time involved for each person (other than the bride)?

I can do up to 11 women for a bridal party in a day. I have done applications for 8 year olds (junior bridesmaids) all the way to 90 year olds (grandmothers!), and always have a happy client. I believe the reason for this is because my applications are always custom; some makeup artists know one look and repeat this look no matter the age or needs of the client, this is not how makeup artistry works!

The application for all of the bridesmaids and family members generally takes me 45 minutes to an hour per person as well.


8. Should a bride come to a consultation with photos of bridal looks she wants to achieve or do you prefer to make recommendations to her based on her skin, skin tone, coloring, and her wedding dress style?

A bride should arrive prepared to visually show me what look is desired for the wedding day. Most of the time I am able to suggest from my professional standpoint what the bride needs. There is a compromise involved. I always ask to see the dress and I also always ask for a photo of the bride on a daily basis with makeup on to get a better understanding of her routine and personal style. Communication is KEY!

I also understand what type of makeup applications look good for photography purposes, which is key for a wedding day.


9. Are there any trends you are seeing brides want when it comes to beauty on their wedding day?

There are a couple of trends I am seeing in brides in general. One being the continuous use of my boudoir photo shoots for day of wedding gifts for the groom. This makes for a great gift and is so personal and sensual. As far as makeup goes, generally I am asked for natural makeup that enhances their beauty. Brides want to look like themselves, just a little bit more perfect. It mainly varies based on personal style.


10. When should an engagement photo shoot be scheduled?

I book roughly 1-2 months out for my shoots and need 2-3 weeks to turn around the photos. So when a couple gets engaged, I would say the sooner the better to reach out to me to do your engagement shoot. The shoot should take places roughly 1-3 months after the proposal.


11. Tell me about your boudoir photo shoots!

When it comes to my intimate boudoir photo shoots my first goal is to make my client feel comfortable. I have a very outgoing and down-to-earth personality that makes my clients feel extremely relaxed. My boudoir photo shoots are always sexy but most importantly, always classy. A lot of my brides make a book of the photos and give the book to the groom on the day of the wedding.


12. Anything you would like to add?

I consider myself an essential aspect for the day of your wedding. My services are consistent, reliable and will make you feel so beautiful. I love what I do so much; I do not consider this “work”. Each face is my artwork, which I am emotionally connected to and put my heart and soul into. My goal with my photo shoots and makeup artistry is to bring out your inner beauty and to capture that beauty.

For more information on Rachael Lynsey Rubin and her fabulous work, visit her online:





(All photos courtesy of Rachael Lynsey Rubin)



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