Boston Bachelorette Parties With City Wine Tours!

Boston brides – if you are approaching your wedding date, chances are your bridal party and closest friends will soon be asking you what type of bachelorette party you would like to have.  Most brides seem to at least know what type of bachelorette party they don’t want (hey, it’s a start, right?).  If you are like any mature and modern Boston bride, the idea of the perfect bachelorette party would simply involve a great night out with your best gal pals.  Until recently, the options for Boston bachelorette parties were pretty limited and only seemed to involve dance clubs.  And honestly, it may not be your scene.

I have had the pleasure of planning a few bachelorette parties for some of my best friends – theses are the girls I would consider sisters and would do anything for, so I wanted their parties to be perfect.  I remember the initial conversations:

Me:  “So, what do you want to do for your bachelorette party?’

Bride:  “Um, I don’t know.  What do you think?”

Me:  “Well, there isn’t much to do in Boston.”

Yes, it’s true!  There isn’t much to do in Boston.  In fact, I somehow convinced my own best friends to travel to NYC for my own bachelorette party because I was afraid Boston couldn’t offer much.

Fortunately, things have changed in this great city.  I am so thrilled to be telling you about City Wine Tours.  I love, love, love this concept.  (Where were they a few years ago when I needed them???  I would have been all over this!)


City Wine Tours are walking tours that focus on specific Boston neighborhoods where tour guests receive wine tastings at select locations – restaurants, lounges, hotels, you name it.  Each stop involves a wine tasting, a little bit of wine history, and suggestions for wine pairings.   The neighborhoods that are highlighted are Harvard Square, the South End, Back Bay, and the North End.  These are all pretty awesome neighborhoods, and honestly, if I had to pick one, I would have a tough time.   Each tour lasts about 2 hours.  It’s perfect because it’s just enough time to relax with your friends, and if you want to, there is still time in the evening to grab dinner and hit some dance floors too!


I love this concept because I love wine and I love enjoying wine with friends.  And it goes without saying, a night of wine and girlfriends will lead to a ton of laughs, a lot of fun, some great pictures, and without a doubt – great memories.  And a bachelorette party with City Wine Tours is absolutely private.  Rest assured,  your party will just be you and your friends.

To learn more about Boston City Wine Tours and their fab bachelorette parties, click here.


Have fun and Happy Bachelorette Party!






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